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The History of Jeans

Men's Jeans are one of the most iconic threads to date and they have been around for quite some time. Jeans were first set up by a geezer called Jacob Davis (a Latvian) a tailor who serviced American railroad workers. 

He was asked to make hard wearing quality trousers and he got the idea of making a much stronger version of a similar garment made of white cotton duck. 

He needed a partner to make this happen and in 1873 he teamed up with Levi Strauss (a Bavarian) a successful ready-to-wear wholesaler. They patented the rivet funded by Strauss and they manufactured the first pair of men's jeans which were known back then as waist overalls, made of 255-gram denim from the Amoskeag Mill in New Hampshire and sewn in San Francisco. 

Jeans have proved over the years to be the ideal garment for miners, cowboys, builders, lumbermen, bikers, rockers and ultimately today the majority of most men and women.


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