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It’s one of those situations where you've got an invite to an event and as usual, you freak out and panic slightly. What are you going to wear? What colour? What style? What shoes? And then you realise there is a small note on the invite. It says “Black Tie.” Now,... read more

The trick with layering is to gain the benefits of warmth whilst looking effortless and stylish. Rather than stacking on a huge down-filled coat, there’s actually ways you can stay as warm in something that looks more trendy and tailored. It's known that adding layers... read more

Winter shoes can be difficult to choose. Go for warmth and comfort, and they could end up being way to big and bulky. Then, a more streamlined, stylish choice can leave you freezing on that blustery winter day. Unlike summer sandals, winter shoes are usually... read more

Everyone gets that feeling of despair or becomes fearful when an interview has to be conducted. Whether it’s for an exciting new job or that big promotion you’ve been waiting for. But that’s not the only thing most of us have in common when it comes to an interview. One of... read more

In charge of planning your mate’s stag do? Be warned – your organisational skills are about to come under serious scrutiny, and nothing less than a truly epic stag do will suffice. Picking the right stag destination takes careful planning and consideration... read more

Believe it or not the most awkward part of any first relationship or friendship will be the meet and greet. If you think of it in boxing terms, no boxer fights the same fight twice. It varies on the level of your opponent and dating is no different. I've always... read more

It’s one of the things that most grown men dread: delivering the Best Man speech. They tend to love organising the stag weekend and being part of the ‘wedding mafia’ on the day but the pressure to communicate their thoughts in a funny, engaging or even coherent way, can floor... read more

Buying an engagement ring for your fiancée-to-be is possibly one of the largest and most daunting purchases of a lifetime. It’s a precious milestone and the beginning of a new chapter in life for both you and your partner. You might therefore be feeling a little uneasy at the thought... read more

If you're thinking of starting up a magazine then there are a couple of things you may need to know ahead of time. The chances are this is a phase you're going through. Another flash in the pan idea, like that terrible 90's tribal tramp-stamp on your lower back you... read more

One of the first things you should really do is to make sure you’re choosing an appropriate suit to wear in terms of material, as there’s not really any possible way you can make a fully lined wool suit wearable for summer. The likelihood is you’ll just sweat beyond belief.... read more

I recently went to a wine tasting event down at some hotel in Cambridge that overlooked a river. Now before you start to think this is a plush joint, this river had kids jumping in off a nearby bridge and it had a vending machine in the toilets that sold... read more

Just as the bride takes pride in her wedding ring, grooms also like their wedding bands to make a statement, in terms of both style and a solid gesture of their commitment. Today, there are as many different styles and designs of wedding rings for men as there are for... read more

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