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Are you the sort to leave Christmas shopping for your mothers, girlfriends and sisters until Christmas Eve because each year you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy? We refuse to let you be the one whose presents get put to the back of the cupboard never to be seen... read more

Fashion. It’s not quite as interesting as sport for most men therefore the majority probably don’t really have it set as a priority in life. A shirt and jeans with a coat will suffice for most, but sometimes there needs to be a line drawn in the sand. We’re here... read more

The best time of year is upon us once more and time to write those wish-lists for Santa. Whether you're buying for that special gentleman in your life, dad, son, brother, secret Santa, or even a cheeky preside for yourself, my Christmas list must-haves should leave... read more

As we turn over the calendar and we’re greeted by December, our minds jump into the festive spirit. Chilly Winter mornings, excess layering, knitwear, spiced lattes, snow, Christmas, and food - lots and lots of food. Style is often forgotten about when Winter is... read more

Being casual in your everyday wear is second nature to some and it’s almost as easy as waking up in the morning for a few chaps. Put on your regular clothes, fix your hair and leave the house. But Casual Friday in the office is something of a delicate subject... read more

There was a time when male grooming was represented by a razor and a bar of soap. However, since David Beckham made it acceptable to have highlights, use a moisturiser and wear a sarong (apply the sarong at your own discretion), attitudes towards male... read more

Winter’s coming, it’s time to crack out the woolly jumpers and big fluffy socks. Time to wrap up so tight that you end up warmer than you ever were over summer (but with a terrible British Summer, that shouldn’t be too hard). Perfectly styling the currently available... read more

A man needs his space. Be it a Man Cave, Man Land, Lad Pad, Bro Zone, The Drink Tank, Fortress of Solitude, Estrogen-free Zone, The Eagles Nest or Temple of Decadence, there are some items that a man’s just got to have, in order to truly feel like the place... read more

It’s one of those situations where you've got an invite to an event and as usual, you freak out and panic slightly. What are you going to wear? What colour? What style? What shoes? And then you realise there is a small note on the invite. It says “Black Tie.” Now,... read more

The trick with layering is to gain the benefits of warmth whilst looking effortless and stylish. Rather than stacking on a huge down-filled coat, there’s actually ways you can stay as warm in something that looks more trendy and tailored. It's known that adding layers... read more

Winter shoes can be difficult to choose. Go for warmth and comfort, and they could end up being way to big and bulky. Then, a more streamlined, stylish choice can leave you freezing on that blustery winter day. Unlike summer sandals, winter shoes are usually... read more

Everyone gets that feeling of despair or becomes fearful when an interview has to be conducted. Whether it’s for an exciting new job or that big promotion you’ve been waiting for. But that’s not the only thing most of us have in common when it comes to an interview. One of... read more