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If you're thinking of starting up a magazine then there are a couple of things you may need to know ahead of time. The chances are this is a phase you're going through. Another flash in the pan idea, like that terrible 90's tribal tramp-stamp on your lower back you... read more

One of the first things you should really do is to make sure you’re choosing an appropriate suit to wear in terms of material, as there’s not really any possible way you can make a fully lined wool suit wearable for summer. The likelihood is you’ll just sweat beyond belief.... read more

I recently went to a wine tasting event down at some hotel in Cambridge that overlooked a river. Now before you start to think this is a plush joint, this river had kids jumping in off a nearby bridge and it had a vending machine in the toilets that sold... read more

Just as the bride takes pride in her wedding ring, grooms also like their wedding bands to make a statement, in terms of both style and a solid gesture of their commitment. Today, there are as many different styles and designs of wedding rings for men as there are for... read more

Being a gentleman means looking stylish, in control, and well put-together 24/7. After a certain age there are no excuses for a sloppy wardrobe and ill-fitting clothing – especially when you’re a man about town. Purchasing a suit should be one of the first big wardrobe buys you make, and... read more

Father’s day is a day where you can give a nod to your old man, a pat on the back and a symbol of appreciation. But let’s not get too silly, it’s just “Father’s Day” after all. Anything at around the £100 mark should do and a bit less if... read more

Finally. Summertime! Time to stuff our Crombies and woolen trousers to the back of our long-suffering wardrobes, roll up those sleeves and fish out the sunnies. But what’s your look going to be for this blessed season? Of course, the answer to this is up to the individual, so the... read more

When it comes to the most popular styles for the season, clothing trends for men often take a back seat. However, this year more emphasis has been placed on men’s style. The wedding industry is making an unprecedented impact on the runway, and men’s fashions are featured as never before.... read more

We all know how unpredictable summer can be, especially here in the UK, one minute you’re trying to find some shade wearing shorts and t-shirt while trying to escape the unforgiving sun, and the next minute you’re trying to find cover from the rain wishing you'd brought an umbrella. So, layering... read more

If you hadn’t noticed already it’s getting closer and closer to summer which in turn means the weather’s getting warmer, so I’m sure you’re all starting to feel the uncomfortable consequences of this heat while at work? I know I am. At this current point it’s not so bad that... read more

They say the Devil wears Prada and that could be true, but for men in the know he is most likely sporting items stolen from Nick Wooster’s wardrobe, just maybe not these floral trousers he was recently spotted wearing though. For my first MWS article I thought it’d be fun to... read more

As the temperature heats up and the sun begins to shine more often, we can start relegating our peacoats and cashmere scarves to the back of the wardrobe and start dressing for the nicer weather. However, this isn't a signal to start walking around the office with shirts untucked and... read more


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