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Guys like to harbour this fantasy that women talk mostly about shoes and have pillow fights. But women rate guys too, and as research shows it’s a convoluted scoring system that even Alan Turin would struggle to decipher. First of all women are just as... read more

My favourite scene in the movie Shame is when Michael Fassbender walks into a bar with his boss and starts chatting up three women. The three women all close their eyes and ask them what colour their eyes are. The boss gets all three wrong, Michael Fassbender... read more

The colour we're most afraid to wear is certainly white, particularly living in the United Kingdom it can be hit and miss with how the weather may pan out. The colour isn't the most practical of shades and yes, they can look a bit stark. But they're just as practical... read more

If you’ve ever been to a formal event, you know all about the dress code. Black tie, black suit, white shirt, good luck getting anything else in without being turned away at the door! Events like these can be stifling; the strict requirements leave many men and women... read more

For ultimate style you need to think about what pleases your taste and what works with your body shape. As a personal stylist I hear a lot of women talking about the ways in which they can make their figure look better by their choice of clothing. The same applies... read more

A common problem amongst young men is when to wear a suit jacket and when to wear a sports jacket – or if you’re reading this asking yourself "what’s the difference?" then you’re about to find out. Generally the term ‘sports jacket’ was just for when a man was doing... read more

When it comes to accessorising for men there are a number of different options dependant on your style. Whether it’s a watch, cufflinks, pocket squares or jewellery - if you invest in good quality accessories the finer details never go unnoticed. So when it... read more

We all know spring is a tricky time of the year for fashion. No longer do you need layer upon layer of thermal suffocation, however, we are not quite at the baring-all stage of shorts, t-shirt and not much else. The minefield in-between is a complicated one and something to... read more

The devil lies in the details or so the old saying goes, in other words the small things are what we should focus on the most because if you don't pay attention and do your due diligence then things might go apocalyptic-ally wrong, or if you have done your homework... read more

There is nothing to match the sense of freedom and exhilaration that spending a weekend in the wilderness brings. It's a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors, develop skills and self-reliance, commune with nature and getaway... read more

You’ve decided to take the plunge and propose to your partner – congratulations. But now you find yourself stuck in a rut, contemplating what could be the best possible way to pop the question in an interesting and original way. Well don’t fret any further... read more

This time last week you were booking a table for two at the Dorchester, now you’re beating off into empty noodle pots that have since doubled up as ashtrays, making skittle-pyramids from empty cans of kestrel. So your girlfriend had the temerity to dump... read more