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Men and bags are finally starting to get along with each other. From document holders to the man clutch, weekenders to the holdall, satchels to the briefcase, and the backpack to the 24 hour. It’s all going down! We’re giving women a run for their money in the style accessories... read more

First impressions are everything. Whether you're meeting with a client, going on a first date or trying to nail that first interview, it pays to ensure your appearance is looking as good as your CV. This means no scruffy jeans, no greasy hair and no Lynx Africa. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau... read more

Lads, the weekend is upon us! We nine to fivers rejoice, flooding the streets in jubilant ecstasy like the mad, raving weekend warriors we really are. You have a to-do list set before you. Not like the ones that await you come Monday morning in your cramped office cubicle. No.... read more

As another season rolls in, so too does a multitude of new labels and styles for the street and skate scene. The new comes in and the old gets thrown out. With all the new skate shoes, skateboards, decks, and hats, clear lines are drawn between “what’s in” and “what’s... read more

Even though we all wish we could wear designer clothes on a daily basis, the truth is that few of us can afford to do so. However, style has nothing to do with how much money is spent on a single garment, but more-so with the strategy behind choosing, fitting... read more

He’s worked with some of the best directors in the world and starred in an array of critically acclaimed films that have taken the box office by storm but sadly Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. He first received a Best Supporting Actor nomination when he was just... read more

As part of it’s Citizens of Farah initiative, menswear label, Farah, takes their citizens on the road launching its very first comedy night, ‘Just Farah Laugh’. Taking place on 19 March 2014 in Manchester, the event will include an exclusive performance from top comedian Iain Stirling. Hosted at the renowned... read more

The Sartorial 7 have team up with one of the most desired menswear brands of the moment, Hackett, and in the London collective’s 7th film feature they each explain what it means to them to wear a Hackett suit and what influence the brand has on their daily lives... read more

Camouflage was a strong print trend last year but it is also expected to keep up its momentum this year and designers have revolutionised its use into items and materials which have previously been out-of-bounds. Here is a guide on how to incorporate the print into your casual ensembles. People associate... read more

Mr Tempah has come a long, long way from his ‘wifey’ rapping days and has quickly become a fully-fledged British menswear ambassador in the last 2 years or so. Kudos to you Tinie, what an evolution that has taken place! "Quietly" he has very much become all grown up by means of... read more

Have you got a fun and interesting personality? Nothing is more appealing than a man with personality who is not afraid to express himself. Men’s accessories sections are getting bigger within stores too. Still hesitating? Start showing your personality via something as minor and simple as socks!... read more

Unbearable lightness of being Shia LaBeouf, hopelessly incurable introvert, working in an extraversion-oriented environment, repeatedly showing off his strikingly nonegocentric attitude toward a myriad of things, including faith, Hollywood, celebrity culture; often questioning if fame is worth pursuing and if only dollars matter?... read more