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Men and bags are finally starting to get along with each other. From document holders to the man clutch, weekenders to the holdall, satchels to the briefcase, and the backpack to the 24 hour. It’s all going down! We’re giving women a run for their money in the style accessories... read more

First impressions are everything. Whether you're meeting with a client, going on a first date or trying to nail that first interview, it pays to ensure your appearance is looking as good as your CV. This means no scruffy jeans, no greasy hair and no Lynx Africa. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau... read more

Lads, the weekend is upon us! We nine to fivers rejoice, flooding the streets in jubilant ecstasy like the mad, raving weekend warriors we really are. You have a to-do list set before you. Not like the ones that await you come Monday morning in your cramped office cubicle. No.... read more

As another season rolls in, so too does a multitude of new labels and styles for the street and skate scene. The new comes in and the old gets thrown out. With all the new skate shoes, skateboards, decks, and hats, clear lines are drawn between “what’s in” and “what’s... read more

Even though we all wish we could wear designer clothes on a daily basis, the truth is that few of us can afford to do so. However, style has nothing to do with how much money is spent on a single garment, but more-so with the strategy behind choosing, fitting... read more

He’s worked with some of the best directors in the world and starred in an array of critically acclaimed films that have taken the box office by storm but sadly Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. He first received a Best Supporting Actor nomination when he was just... read more

As part of it’s Citizens of Farah initiative, menswear label, Farah, takes their citizens on the road launching its very first comedy night, ‘Just Farah Laugh’. Taking place on 19 March 2014 in Manchester, the event will include an exclusive performance from top comedian Iain Stirling. Hosted at the renowned... read more

The Sartorial 7 have team up with one of the most desired menswear brands of the moment, Hackett, and in the London collective’s 7th film feature they each explain what it means to them to wear a Hackett suit and what influence the brand has on their daily lives... read more

Camouflage was a strong print trend last year but it is also expected to keep up its momentum this year and designers have revolutionised its use into items and materials which have previously been out-of-bounds. Here is a guide on how to incorporate the print into your casual ensembles. People associate... read more

Mr Tempah has come a long, long way from his ‘wifey’ rapping days and has quickly become a fully-fledged British menswear ambassador in the last 2 years or so. Kudos to you Tinie, what an evolution that has taken place! "Quietly" he has very much become all grown up by means of... read more

Have you got a fun and interesting personality? Nothing is more appealing than a man with personality who is not afraid to express himself. Men’s accessories sections are getting bigger within stores too. Still hesitating? Start showing your personality via something as minor and simple as socks!... read more

Unbearable lightness of being Shia LaBeouf, hopelessly incurable introvert, working in an extraversion-oriented environment, repeatedly showing off his strikingly nonegocentric attitude toward a myriad of things, including faith, Hollywood, celebrity culture; often questioning if fame is worth pursuing and if only dollars matter?... read more

The power of a digital platform is that you can bring together a lot of different kinds of energies from all over the world, making a hub for creativity. You can bet on new talents and, if a project is a good one, you may even support them. Welcome to... read more

Ask any woman you know and they will most likely have a morning and evening skincare regime that they stick to religiously. For men, it may not necessarily be the same. But why not? We all have skin, we are all exposed to the same elements and we all sometimes... read more

For SS14, Orlebar Brown takes a trip to Monaco. A nation of resources such as its privileged location, great weather and unique lifestyle. Monaco provides visual and conceptual references that fit effortlessly into Orlebar Brown’s design philosophy. The local spectator, a seaside character that embodies... read more

What happens when an industrial engineer and an electronics engineer come together? Welcome to Bann Industries, a company born 4 years ago in Hong Kong, set up by two Turkish brothers. Under the care of Bann Industries, Ariel Rider is giving old school design a new lease of life. While... read more

Some people are of the opinion that the Oscars is just a pageantry of self-congratulatory narcissists who all like to kiss each other’s backsides. However it does make January/February peak viewing season at your local picture-house. One of the contenders for best film is The Wolf of Wall Street.... read more

After the whirlwind that was ‘London Collections: Men’ in January of this year, I caught up with Mikey Dale, Senior Press Officer for River Island, member of the illustrious Sartorial 7 and all round nice chap. We gain an insight into the world of menswear PR with tips and advice... read more

Every guy should invest in a tailored suit before they’re 30 – it is a statement and a staple that will be in your wardrobe for years to come. Throughout the years my core tailoring style has pretty much remained the same, but I love experimenting with accessories, colours and... read more

With vibrant colours and touches of luxury, F&F introduces Spring Summer 2014 from the heartbeat of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the biggest and most comprehensive menswear range F&F has ever delivered to date and the range invites the creativity and energy of favela culture into their every detail.... read more

Spring is here soon, which means summer isn't far behind. I know, I know, it doesn't feel like it and it doesn't look like it outside, but trust me, warmer days are not far ahead and in preparation I am going to discuss one of the key S/S14 trends for... read more

Back in April 2013 I first spoke to Alexander Stutterheim. At the time he was envisioning the restoration of the once grand raincoat from a wooden office in Stockholm, in-between battles with melancholy and his accountant. Whilst these battles might still rage on, Stutterheim Raincoats has since developed from a... read more

Trends are moving faster than ever and designers are reshaping their aesthetics in ways that come as a surprise to us onlookers. It leaves the expert voices and the industry champions constantly analysing and predicting what the future has in store for fashion. We’re seeing prints, silhouettes and muses behind... read more

After passing its 30 year anniversary the Nike Pegasus is going to celebrate by enjoying a surge in popularity. It has triggered the creation of so many different versions and is widely accepted as one of the all-time great running shoes. The original inspiration was to create an affordable shoe... read more

Last year, I wrote a piece on two upcoming film projects, both discussing the life of late legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, one trailer is out already! Earlier this year, last month to be specific, French director Jalil Lespert’s work which is a joyous blend of fashion, history and... read more

More products than ever are now being marketed to men, even though grooming still remains a very private affair that some men avoid openly talking about. A very large proportion of the men who buy products to maintain their skin or hair would rather do so from home rather than... read more

The first time a Lacoste polo appeared in my life I must have been 3 years old, and this particular article of clothing has remained a firm staple of my summer wardrobe ever since. So it was with great anticipation that I attended their New York Fashion Week show at... read more

You’ve probably heard of people proposing with "out-of-the-box" ideas, but have you ever heard the one about the ring being, literally, out of the box? For anyone planning on proposing today on Valentine’s Day, what would happen if that engagement ring of proportion, averaging at three months’ worth of salary,... read more

Valentine’s day is today, but let’s face it, there are guys in long-term relationships who know they have found the one, the love of their life, but are unprepared for the next life-affirming step - buying an engagement ring and proposing. This is unknown territory, a daunting task of... read more

We’ve teamed up with Eton to offer one of our readers the chance to win an Eton Travel Package consisting of 1 shirt and 2 accessories of their choice. Eton is internationally known for its innovative and classic designs, exclusive colours and full range of coordinating accessories. Annie and David... read more

It can be a nightmare finding the other half something they’ll appreciate for Valentine’s Day, and many of us dread this time of year. We have some great ideas - without the soppiness - for something a little off-the-cuff. Remember, it doesn’t all have to be love-hearts, chocolates and dis-tasteful... read more

Back in December I was lucky enough to meet a group of guys destined for big things while on set at the latest River Island Design Forum Shoot. In recent months the style collective 'Justanorm' have seen major success, becoming regular faces at Menswear Fashion Weeks across the globe and... read more

Luxury watches are luxury pieces for a reason. The prices can be extravagant but many are unique and contain special elements that will never be found within a budget fashion watch or sometimes from any other watch brand. From powerful movements to one-of-a-kind parts, they are different in their own... read more

Back in October last year we challenged the question: Is smoking cool? This resulted in us coming to the conclusion that whilst smoking is undoubtably cool in the films, the reality isn't quite the same. That said, the reaction to the post caused a few people to disagree with this... read more

Faux fur - not something you immediately associate with being on the backs of the male species. For years now, women have realised the merit of faux fur in the winter time to keep them warm and to add that little bit of texture and interest to a drab winter... read more

Inspired by the iconic decade of the 70s, Festival Specs are a glamorous mix of fun, flare and functionality. They’re combining the rock-n-roll spirit of both Woodstock and Glastonbury to bring us their take on fashion sunglasses. Seen on the catwalks in London, supporting emerging talents like Zekaryas Solomon, or... read more

Adam Ficek’s most prominent role to date has been as drummer for Peter Doherty’s post-Libertines band, Babyshambles. With his Rat Pack style threads, guests in the Baroque lounge at the Playboy Club would be forgiven for overlooking the roots of their resident DJ, but Ficek has recorded and toured with... read more

The fashion label nANA jUDY launched in 2006 and was immediately stocked in key retailers and leading boutiques. The men’s fashion market needed something new and nANA jUDY expressed a new individuality and style which was very much welcomed among the young fashion conscious male. When they launched they were... read more

There is a reason that in the industry, lingerie is called “intimate apparel", its not just because these are the delicate clothes a woman wears next to her skin, these delicate garments must fit her perfectly because barring the gym changing room the only person who sees these garments is... read more

These are good times for exclusive perfumes. The British brand icon Bentley Motors gained immediate success with its first fragrance, Bentley For Men. Bentley Fragrances has now developed a fascinating new fragrance composition as an exclusive edition: Bentley For Men Azure - which was launched to media yesterday evening... read more

Symbol of relaxed elegance since 1933, the Lacoste brand, backed by its authentic roots in sports, have released their SS14 campaign focussing on how Life is a beautiful playing field. Lacoste brings about a new era by reinstating its founding values into the core of its message. Whether on playing fields... read more

The spring and summer season of 2014 (SS14) is drawing closer upon us and retailers are stocked with the latest collections, which this year feature some quirky patterned prints that are set to be the stand out designs. Here are 5 distinctive styles that will give you a head start... read more

He has arisen from the ashes in Balmain, unlike any other living creature. We take a look at actor-turned-musician Jared Leto’s standout image and his continually evolving style habits. Even though we are neither stingy nor too generous with compliments for Jared’s previous dressed-to-depressed attempts, the credit should be given... read more

Martin Kemp is probably best known for finishing 3rd in the 2012 series of Celebrity Big Brother. However the Spandeau Ballet bassist has made the papers again this week when he revealed his new silver fox hair do. The former Eastender star said "It's time to grow up." He cited... read more

Men's makeup comes in the form of three categories. Firstly, there's the cover up range which is very popular amongst younger gentlemen and those with redness skin conditions. There’s also concealer, foundation and BB creams who head up this category and are becoming very popular in recent years.... read more

Reflecting the brand's global attitude, the 883 Police SS14 main collection takes to the streets of Barcelona, Spain, to complete its lookbook and campaign film feature. The collection is highly influenced by global cultures and folk novels, with this range being inspired by the cult novel by Jack Kerouac ‘On the... read more

Its depressing isn't it? All this talk about wrapping up warm, wearing jumpers, cardigans and heavy quilted jackets. We'd much rather be back in our sandals and shorts, basking in the glorious warmth of the sun.... Erm yeah, lets keep dreaming for a few months, ey. For now, those bitterly-cold Winter... read more

The new collection by Aigle is a season bathed in colours... much like a painter's palette. The artistic director of the brand, Gideon Day speaks of the inspiration behind the Spring/Summer 2014 collection: “The collection is inspired by the atmosphere and decor of family country summer homes, with their meadows... read more

So you wake up in Africa. You’re poor, your insolvent and you live in a mud hut. Fashion is not even a priority in your head right now. You want to earn and live a healthy life so you can feed your family for the rest of your life. Right?... read more

No one seizes opportunity more so than Sir Ben Ainslie; after completing his most successful sporting achievement ever sailing in the 2013 America’s Cup in September last year, Sir Ben returned home to support the brand he calls family. Honouring his many achievements Henri Lloyd celebrates a true Modern Day... read more

The family-owned Bortex Group (the name an anagram of ‘Borg’ and ‘textiles’) has been making apparel ever since 1964. Founder Salvatore ‘Sunny’ Borg launched the firm, specializing in men’s suits, jackets and trousers, whilst also being renowned for manufacturing for other labels and tailors and for various well-known and high... read more


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