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Archive - 2014/08

This week, in impressive caves on an island in Stockholm, Swedish Fashion Brand Björn Borg, in collaboration with Creative Show Director Bea Åkerlund, treated the Fashion Week audience to an extravagant game-inspired runway show. Celebrating individuality... read more

UNIQLO denim offers simplicity of form to ensure it gives the “Ultimate Fit For All.” We recently styled an outfit from their new Autumn/Winter 2014 jeans collection and put the denim to the test during an InterRail Scandinavian tour of Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo... read more

As we celebrate Breaking Bad's, Aaron Pauls birthday this week, we thought it would be relatively entertaining (but not overly) to see how his wardrobe fairs against other iconic drug dealers that have featured in TV shows or Motion Film. We present to you... read more

His reputation precedes him, entrusted to chop the locks of Wayne Rooney (very expensive locks), members of the Everton football team, Hollyoaks cast et al (non-scousers welcome too), I was imagining this guy would be good! As you step through the doors... read more

You might remember that we were lucky enough to head down to Somersault Festival with Jack Wills back at the beginning of the summer. While there, we got our hands on some stylish Jack Wills threads - and now you've got the chance to do just the same. With autumn... read more

We recently attended the wedding of two of our university friends and the Best Man, Joey Boyes came out with a cracker of a speech. Not only did he pull off a spot on speech, but he also ended it with a funny song. The video has already made global... read more

Founded in London’s Covent Garden in 1851, Moss Bros is the British menswear retailer that continues to evolve, challenge and exceed expectations. With growth stemming from a younger customer base wanting to dress smarter with a sense of individuality and... read more

Make no mistake, we are in the salad days of porn. This current era of the internet is like the Wild West, lawless and like nothing that has come before. I am literally two clicks away from seeing a video called 'Thanksgiving Lay pt4'. I haven't seen the previous instalments... read more

Men don’t treat their skin with the tender loving care it deserves. Aside from regulating your temperature and protecting every organ of the body, the skin also stores water and other essential vitamins. If you have just recently made a startling realisation of your... read more

In winter 2014, boot brand Palladium and military outerwear manufacturer Alpha Industries launch a collaborative capsule inspired by a shared heritage in the military and in aviation. The Palladium x Alpha Industries collection includes six unisex boots in classic Palladium... read more

This is truly a great book for £18.95 and is for anyone interested in copywriting, journalism, brand marketing or simply blogging. It’s packed full of great imagery examples and case studies as well as self testing tasks. READ ME, released in September 2014... read more

Men grow beards for a lot of reasons. Some sport the extra facial hair for that striking masculine look, while others just let their hair grow as a sign of freedom. Whatever the reason is, beards need upkeep. If you don’t take care of your beard, you would pretty much... read more