Archive - 2015/04

Nowadays it’s pretty common to see children looking just as good or sometimes better dressed than their parents. If you’re a Dad in search for something for yourself and your son so you both look slick, here are some polished looks by celebrity fathers to... read more

The formal dance at the finale of an academic year known as the prom, is often the first opportunity in a young gentleman’s life where he gets the opportunity to "suit up" and be dressed to the nines in front of his peers. It is this very social occasion that... read more

A common problem amongst young men is when to wear a suit jacket and when to wear a sports jacket – or if you’re reading this asking yourself "what’s the difference?" then you’re about to find out. Generally the term ‘sports jacket’ was just for when a man was doing... read more

A whole 15 years after the visionaries of fashion e-commerce such as ASOS and Net-A-Porter have set up their "shop", Chanel has announced that it has finally decided to launch an e-store in 2016. In the words of Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel's President of Fashion, the... read more

This number 1 Trip Advisor hotel in Washington D.C. is rather special indeed. They have a rich history of hosting presidents, members of Congress and other political movers and shakers, visiting dignitaries, and Hollywood stars. Thomas Jefferson, a cultured man of the world... read more

Whisky. If ever a liquid embodied the spirit of Manliness, whisky is it. The clear, honest colour of distilled grain is suffused with care, knowledge, strength - and a little bit of luck. Gentleman Jack indeed. The tradition of sitting back and knocking back a dram... read more

Towards the end of the 19th century, towns in Northamptonshire, England were very well known for the manufacture of shoes and boots. One of those towns was Bozeat where William Botterill founded his own company as a cottage industry with a focus... read more

Suddenly I find myself drunk with power, swiping faces right to left on the Tinder app. Actually, that's a lie. I don't judge people, purely because I don't have enough time. I simply hammer the yes button until I'm out of likes (of course I'm not upgraded to unlimited), Tinder... read more

Arrive at Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C., overlooking the Southwest Waterfront, and you know you have arrived somewhere special. The grand facade and unique porte cochere beckon. Walk through its doors and take in a sea of marble, limestone and... read more

The Italian Supper Club recently served up a four-course menu inspired by, and served beside, the River Thames! The Doodle Bar in Battersea played host and a full-house of hungry hippos were treated to a menu that focused on the ingredients the river used to... read more

Footballer, philanthropist and all round fashion icon David Beckham made headlines after making a shocking admission: his wife, Victoria, chooses “99 per cent” of his wardrobe. This may not come as a total surprise for those who have followed Beckham’s illustrious... read more

The end of this month marks the start of the solo exhibition between international photographer Stewart Bryden and grooming specialists The Brotique. The exhibition named ‘Something Manly’ is not only taken from the location but also to play with the notion... read more