Archive - 2015/05

Winter is over, the eagerly awaited summer season is drawing ever closer and the sun is rising on a bold new collection from the newly awarded Drapers Menswear Brand of the Year, Without Prejudice. Drawing inspiration from the balmy summers of Southern Europe... read more

This week Converse Inc. announces an exclusive range of T-shirts featuring four of the iconic sneaker portraits from the Global ‘Made by You’ campaign, available exclusively at Urban Outfitters only. The printed t-shirts will retail at £30 and will be available... read more

With no mercy, the phenomenon of sharing economy is eroding every industry and business type. Cars, houses, boats, services - all the things we used to pay for and own are now becoming shareable. Internet is an immense trading platform, removing the... read more

Traditionally it’s the blushing bride who excels in the art of wedding planning. But that’s not necessarily so today. The days of asking parents to foot the marital bill are long gone for most and while couples still accept parental contributions, they’re much more likely... read more

For Spring/Summer 2015 Burton have come into their own. Creating an inspiring casual range that hits strong menswear trends for the season. ‘Crafted Legacy’ is Burton menswear’s main casualwear trend this spring summer 2015. This must-have... read more

The car that every man knows of is most certainly the Ford Mustang. It’s the most-liked vehicle on Facebook and it has a long history of being an auto icon chosen for more than 500 movies such as Gone in Sixty Seconds, James Bond, War of the Worlds, Charlie’s Angels,... read more

Rory McIlroy strolled into Niketown to a hero’s welcome, fresh off a commanding win at the Wells Fargo Championship in North Carolina. The 26-year-old was joined on stage by footballer-turned-broadcaster Chris Kamara, who fulfilled the role of emcee just... read more

“It’s been a nonstop travel month,” says JOSEPH’s Head of Menswear Mark Thomas, “I’m speaking to you from the car right now, driving up the Western coast of Ireland.” After a whirlwind three-day trip to Italy to put the finishing touches on the Spring/Summer... read more

This new eyewear brand provides awesome bamboo and wooden sunglasses handmade to the highest quality. All their sunglasses feature beautiful UV400 polarised lenses offering 100% UV protection for your eyes. The frames are extremely lightweight and are... read more

I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I accepted an invitation to attend the launch Nike's latest campaign. To be honest I was extremely excited to be involved with any aspect of the global sports brand, as i'm a huge admirer. If you know me well... read more

Dubbed as a hotel that is “nothing like home”, upon arrival you’ll instantly see why. Quirky is the first word that comes to mind at Qbic hotel. You’ll get a sense of humour and creativity reflected from the furniture and interiors. The hotel is bringing an affordable chic... read more

When Charles and Eveline Clinkard opened their first shoe shop in 1924, they little knew they were founding a footwear empire – and a family dynasty that still runs the company 90 years later. Today, the Clinkard Group has 33 stores across the UK, and managing director... read more