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Smart Turnout London Boutique Launch

On a Clear but Chilly night on December 6th, I attend the launch of Smart Turnout at their first dedicated store, located within the luxury retail space of Princes Arcade, London. 

This is a prime location of luxury, just two steps away from the Famous Fortnum & Mason, on Piccadilly, the feeling of Christmas was definitely in the air, getting you into the Festive spirit, even if you haven’t felt the spirit previously. 

Surprisingly I arrived on time, just as they were setting up, but I was introduced to PR representatives from Smart turnout, the store manager, and lucky enough to meet Philip Turner the founder of Smart Turnout, who made me feel very welcome with a glass of chilled Preseco to kick things off. 

My first impression of the garments was a feeling of them being aimed towards the more Older mature distinguished gentlemen, with the feeling of a respected heritage, Cricket jumpers & Cricket items and a 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s England inspiration, definitely sprang to mind. 

Speaking with Founder Philip Turner, he gave me a brief background history into the brand, explaining that they incorporate the roots of the traditions of the British military and the old school style, smart turnouts designs, which was visible to see in the clothes & Accessories, with the great use of Rainbow colours in the fabrics to represent the colours of Britain’s most elite institutions. 

I feel that they have a great opportunity here to encourage men to include more vibrant colours into their style, as men choose to stick to a certain colour, and usually a dark one. 

They have catered for every type menswear accessory items with, cufflinks, ties, bow ties, scarves, belts, and travels bags and sacks, all included in their collections. By studying more of the garments, I started to see the younger man appeal, as some of their bestsellers, were more of the young bachelor man clothing items, such as the Polo shirts, the Household division tshirts, varsity Jackets, Multiple colours socks from £16.99, and my personal favorite the Knitwear Smart jumpers in Black, Green, Burgundy priced £99. 

With Smart turnout being popular within Asia, Europe and America now catching onto the brand, and Harrods stocking and selling their watches, they can expect a huge rise in even more popularity, and I expect them to branch out around London or the whole country in the near future.


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