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How the Clarks Desert Boot Was Born

Desert boots by Clarks are one of those wardrobe staples that all guys should own. They look good on 99.9% of guys and look awesome with turned up chinos and jeans (and even a suit if you want to take the edge off). 

Normally men run a mile from wearing them if there was a rain forecast but we wear our Clarks desert boots all year around without hesitation. 

Just like Converse they look good new and worn in. We’ve seen plenty of guys donning them where it has looked as though they’ve had a good few recent fights with the elements yet STILL the boots (combined with turned up washed jeans, an oxford shirt or v-neck tee, and an anorak or deconstructed jacket) look stylish! 

They were first designed by Nathan Clark in Somerset (UK) and he got his inspiration during world war 2, when he was serving in Burma with a West African brigade, he saw what he described as ‘crepe-soled rough suede boots’ worn by the off-duty officers in the Old Bazaar in Cairo. 

In 1949 he designed his own version and many people in the company did not like the design and believed the shoe would not sell. They couldn’t have been anymore wrong!


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