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We Interview Charles Olive About His New Bow Tie Collection

After getting our hands on one of the new collection bow ties at Charles Olive we had to find out more and interview the man behind the brand. 

The designs are colourful, quirky and different to many others currently available. Available in self tie so you’ll have fun perfecting your technique. 

What got you into bow ties? 

“My Dad has worn bow ties ever since I was born and it turns out my Grandad wore them every day of his life so I started wearing them partly to create a family tradition and partly because they just look so good”

Tell us about how you designed your latest collection and what inspired you? 

“This collection was actually designed in Microsoft Excel. I was in a pretty boring job at the time and would have to make these dull spreadsheets and I started messing around creating patterns by colouring in the cells. I'm a massive fan of Anni Albers and I'd sit for ages trying to recreate her textile designs in Excel - she's a massive inspiration. Then there's a guy called Phil Stearns who takes glitched photos with broken digital cameras and then turns them into textiles. Also New and Lingwood are a massive inspiration as they're a proper old school establishment outfitters but at the same time they use really bold colourways on their clothes. I'm bascially inspired by anyone or anything that sits at the intersection of modern technology and classic craftsmanship”

Best times to wear bow ties are? 

“All times! You just have to make sure you've got a decent collection to go with what you're wearing. Tweed and wool in the winter. Cotton and seersucker in the summer. And silk is good all year round”

How long did it take you to learn how to tie a self tie bow tie? 

“Literally about 15 minutes. My Dad showed me how to do it and then I tried it a few times myself and I just got it. Maybe it runs in the family but it's actually a really easy knot - it's the same knot as you use to tie your shoe laces”.


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