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Style Wars - a Trump Card Game

Here at the Menswear Style HQ we’ve been playing this game a lot! Sometimes it gets a bit heated too. We should set up a tournament and have prizes for the winner. Then things really would get serious. 

Style Wars by David Sparshott is available April 2013 for £8.95 but we’re one of the lucky few to have our grubby little mitts on them now. Remember top trumps when you were a kid? Well this is exactly that but with menswear designers. Every fashion student should get this pack. It’s the most fun way you'll ever learn about all the different designers and their attributes. 

The attributes include ‘boardroom kudos’, ‘vintage resale value’, ‘mainstream imitations’ and ‘trendsetting potential’ from brands such as Burberry, Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren. The pack features iconic menswear designers from the past 100 years, and specially commissioned illustrations by David Sparshott. It is these wonderful illustrations that make this game truly collectible and appealing. 

We caught up with David to ask him a few questions about Illustration: 

How long have you been Illustrating for? 

“I have been working professionally for almost 7 years” 

Tell us more about yourself and your Illustration career

“I graduated from Bristol UWE in 2006 witha degree in illustration. Since then I have been based in London and have a studio in Peckham from where I work. My illustrations are all hand drawn in pencil” 

Which brands did you particularly like doing for Style Wars? 

“My favourite garment to draw was the vibrant tartan patterned Vivienne Westwood suit. The classic striped Jean Paul Gaultier t-shirt and Pose was also good fun to draw” 

Where do you find inspiration? 

“For this project the inspiration was taken from going through a lot of reference material. We had a great fashion consultant who chose each particular designer and look which made my job a lot easier. In general my most enjoyable way of working is through observation drawing. I find this a great way of coming up new ideas and honing my drawing skills” 

We have 5 copies of this game to give away to our Menswear Style readers. All you have to do is name one of the menswear designers featured in the game. There are 34 cards in total so you have a good chance! 

To enter simply like Laurence King Publishing on Facebook and leave your answer in the comments box below. Winners will be picked and announced in the comments box below in March!


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