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How to Tie an Eye Catching Tie

Menswear enthusiasts who happened to watch Matrix Reloaded circa 2003 caught the unusual tie that the Merovingian character was wearing. It made the rounds a few times on various blogs here and in videos here. Recently, it hit the likes of Instagram and Pinterest and once again we were reminded that although menswear trends are slower than its female counterpart, it still has its perks. 

This particular knot is known as the “Ediety” and also because of its brief appearance in the Matrix; it is often times referred to as the Merovingian. Beyond this, it is not clear what the origin of it is, perhaps an outrageous dandy in the 20’s decided to get super creative to impress a girl. 

As this video suggests, it’s basically an upside down, inside out Windsor knot which can be tied with a two colored tie for additional effect. When you begin tying, the seams of the tie should be facing away from you. Once you have finished tying the backwards Windsor knot, you simply take off the tie and flip it around revealing the skinny end which now faces outwards. 

Obviously, a regular tie is not made to reveal the back of it, so in this case you need to find one that is accommodating. It needs to be plainly sewn with no visible lining, tie slit or brand tag. 

Perhaps a bit of snipping and altering may be required on a regular off the rack tie. This type of look would work well for any formal setting. If you’re a bit daring, wear this look to an event where you don’t know many people as they will ask you about your extraordinary tie tying skills. Perhaps the dandy had it right all along.


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