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Guys are looking better than ever

Sauntering down the catwalk is something even men think about occasionally. Wearing the latest must-have suit, designer perfume and hair product can really help a guy feel confident, whether at work or going to a nightclub. Looking good might not seem like the hardest thing in the world to do, but it requires a little bit of effort. 

Part of that is male grooming, a phenomenon that has grown in popularity over the years. A poll suggested that more men are using products to help guys look better than ever. Back in the day, to look good, all it took was a little Brylcreem, Brut and a close shave, but today there so much more choice for us guys. 

This tie or that tie? 

Because men have more grooming products available to choose from, more and more products are being launched, giving us even more of a dilemma when deciding what to wear from head to toe. There’ll probably come a point where we end up worrying about what to put on as much as women do! 

To try and tap into the number of men aspiring to become fashionistas, a number of celebrities have launched their own clothing and perfume lines including some names you might not associate with fashion! Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher has launched his own range, Pretty Green which has seen him give the likes of Karl Lagerfeld a run for their money! 

Looking good… at a price 

Trying to impress the ladies is something we all think about when choosing clothes to wear on a night out or on a date, but could putting fashion above everything else have hidden consequences? You might find it strange, but fashion mishaps can cause injuries you might not think were possible! 

According to a survey from, a number of fashion-related injuries afflict both men and women. 20% of respondents said they had been hurt after UV tanning, while 16% said the same for spray tanning. Haircuts and dyeing accounted for 13% of accidents, while eyebrow waxing or threading led to injury for 12%. 

Leg waxing, something you might not think many men did, was something that 10% of guys surveyed said they were injured by. Women complained of being injured after haircuts, waxing, facials and nail extensions, showing that even being stylish can have its drawbacks if not done properly!


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