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FLY53 SS13 Proves if it ain't broke, don't fit it

A brand that produces a zine aimed at the emerging music scene is on our radar today. The Fly53 SS13 collection combines a bright look to the future with the most classic of styles from their rich heritage. 

Colours are centre stage for the new season, with injections of acidic orange and turquoise melding with the successful continuation of the oxblood and midnight shades that were runaway winners for AW12. 

Some patterns meld imagery of war and peace, whilst references to the battle of the Bloods and Crips are inherent in the bandana print.   

Patches and labels give the collection a workwear feel, with stitch detailing adding to a subtle utility aesthetic. The trend for back prints continue with an all-out Pop Art inspired Norville hoody with block colour panels in washed out shades; Lichtenstein would be proud. 

Tyvek labels are a new addition to t-shirt sleeves which include illustrations and humorous slogans such as “We couldn’t fix your brakes so we made your horn louder”. Uncompromising to their strong identity, the enduring and growing success of Fly53 proves if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But do turn it up.


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