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Read our interview with Leather Designer Craftsman Peter Wall

The Creative Arts Gallery has been set up by husband and wife team, Sam and Jo Taylor to showcase some of the best Scottish contemporary artists, designers and craftsmen and one of their featured designers is Peter Wall - a designer craftsman for the last forty years. 

He has lifted his craft into an art form. He produces the highest quality leather goods, handbags, briefcases and commissioned work. He has been Inspired, in the face of modern day mass production, to keep pursuing the production of unique one off pieces in luxury leather of the highest quality. We recently interviewed him to find out more:

Tell us about the brand 

"I would describe it as 'urban chap meets traditional gent', as it's pairing the highest quality personally selected leather in the UK with the skills of one of the country's best craftsmen. I use traditional techniques, hand made and hand stitched, to create timeless and outstanding 'one -off' pieces for the discerning buyer. It's a sense of calm reassurance in a fast world". 

Who is your typical customer? 

"Generally professionals and self employed people – for example, my last two cases were sold to doctors. I have, in the past, supplied prestigious retailers such as Foster & Son in Jermyn Street, London, and one off commissions from various premium sources. Some of my recent work is displayed on the Creative Arts Gallery website". 

We're really liking the design and colours of your laptop cases. Where did you get the design inspiration for this? 

"My inspiration comes from my quest for aesthetic simplicity and affinity with natural materials amid a fast moving world. I wanted to take a laptop and tablet and surround it with a different world, where all feel simpler and more grounded. I love the way the two separate creations are contrasted and yet seemed made for each other. The colour is a natural rich honey tan with distinctive waxed stitching to further accentuate both its craftsmanship and traditional saddlery look. The personally chosen leather reveals the life of the animal, with its natural markings. The solid cast chrome locks are currently manufactured using Victorian dies. These provide extra security"

Where are the materials from and where are they manufactured? 

"I, personally, select the leathers I use. They are sourced from traditional high class leather and accessories companies located in the Midlands. Many of my fittings are cast from dies that were produced in the Victorian era, and as such capture the feeling of quality and tradition". 

If we could buy / afford one item from your collection what would it be? 

"If it was just one item, I would have to say the laptop case as it's unlike anything else on the market. With great contrasts, the juxtaposition of the traditional values with urban lines, makes this a stand out product. Pricing reflects the exclusivity. Some of the boxed shaped cases on the Creative Arts Gallery website are a derivation of the techniques employed in the briefcase 007 used in the film 'From Russia With Love'". 

What does the next 12 months hold for your brand? 

"Focusing on the developing world, for example, smart phones and gadgets – and bringing some simplicity, tradition and timelessness to the fore. I’m also likely to design bespoke items for the purpose of the computer/gadget user 'on the move'".


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