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The Man Skirt

Who would have thought it? Insider knowledge tells me that within the next 5 years, ordinary, everyday men will think there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a skirt. The ‘man skirt’ has been seeding its way into the public’s self-conscious for about 30 years, when Jean Paul Gaultier started the trend. 

This very slow process of gaining recognition is slowly but surely coming to a head and very shortly men all over the globe will be rocking this peculiar trend. 

No longer will the skirt be purely for the female sex and no longer is a man in a skirt associated with the Scots; normal, heterosexual men will, apparently, be rocking the trend very soon… I know it seems like a pretty crazy idea at the moment, but more and more ‘style icons’ are going for this look, from Kanye West to Marc Jacobs, the trend is coming into the mainstream. 

We all know that when it comes to fashion, men, on the whole, don’t have as much choice as women. A man’s get-up tends to consist of trousers and a top, whereas women have the indulgence of dresses, skirts, trousers, leggings and shorts. 

Men, in reality, have very few options. Therefore, the time has come for the ultimate feminisation of menswear, and if you have seen Comme Des Garcons or JW Anderson's shows this year, you will know that this too is a trend in itself! 

For years the androgynous trend for women has been key, so why not put the shoe on the other foot, and as well as women dressing like men, men dress like women? The runways this year, particularly in New York, were awash with different variations of ‘man skirts’ from extra-long (dress-like) shirts to skirts layered over trousers. There is a ‘skirt’ for every man it seems. 

I, for one, really hope that this trend doesn’t take off, the idea of men in skirts still feels extremely wrong and weird for me. But who knows, in 5 years’ time, maybe ordinary folk won’t bat an eyelid at an average man strolling down the street in a leather mini….who knows what the future holds!?


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