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Wedding Bells: What to wear to a summer wedding

A wedding is a perfect excuse to put your best shoes on, dress like a gentleman and let loose on the dance floor! This year’s spring season should really be in full fling now so to think about how to dress for a summer wedding does feel pretty crazy, but why not be optimistic and prepared! 

Subtlety is key at the moment, contrasting the bold prints and colours that we have had in the past. Think more subtle patterns and soft colours. 

Italian designer Luigi Bianci Mantova (above) designs suits to such detailed perfection, considering lapels, patterns, textures and fabrics. You’ll be feeling very dapper and like a true ‘gent' - the bride may even get up staged! 

If you are invited to a wedding this summer whether it be a family wedding and want to impress your Nan or at a swanky venue and want to look smart for the ladies under that heatwave then invest in a cotton blend or linen suit fit for a warm summer’s evening. 

Classic check patterns are featuring this season, particularly in blazers. Window pane or glen plaid patterned 3 piece suit layered over a soft white shirt and a tie definitely wouldn’t go a miss, or to create an even smarter and stylish appearance add a bow tie and pocket square. 

Remember.. a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to a man!

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