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Skinny jeans: Wear them with style

Men's skinny jeans are one of the most polarising pieces of clothing of the 21st century - popular and much-loved as they are by many designers, others have sworn themselves away from what they consider an unsophisticated look. 

We're big fans of the men's skinny jean revolution; they're stylish, offering a fitted look in casual denim, and they go with almost anything - when you know how. For those not yet converted, here's our guide to getting them right. 

Fit for purpose 

In order for skinny jeans to be skinny, they need to be a good fit - too baggy and it defeats the point, too skinny and you'll look (and feel) as though you're in some pain. You're looking for a tailored look - more slim-fit than skinny, really - that simply emphasises the shape and length of the leg. Make sure they don't reach the floor, as they should just sit comfortable as your ankles, without bunching. 

Top it off 

The question of what shirt to wear with a pair of slim-fit jeans is a common one - do you balance it out with something bulky, or keep it sharp with well-fitted tees? Generally speaking, the latter is best; bigger shirts are likely to create a flamingo-like silhouette, so stick with smart, slim tuck-in shirts, with a broad belt for that balancing effect. 

Step in the right direction 

There's a bit of a divide where shoes are concerned; Fashion Beans have mentioned you can only pull them off with casual treads such as a pair of Converse or everyday sneakers. We think they're half-right - a pair of hi-top sneakers or Converse ankle boots will look fantastic with slim-fit jeans, but so can brogues and Chelsea boots. They add to the "tailored" aspect of your outfit, and with a tucked-in shirt and a blazer can create a really fantastic smart-casual ensemble. 

It's worth remembering that different people will find that their own style, and your body shape very much determines how you'll wear skinny jeans in a way that's both comfortable and stylish. It's worth trying out a few looks until you find one you like - add a bomber jacket for that classic mod style, or a waistcoat to really emphasise the tailoring effect.

Image credit: Zane Colquhoun for Menswear Style

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