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Men's Leggings AKA Meggings

You may have seen my article a while ago about the ‘man skirt’ which was a hot topic of conversations and got many mixed reactions. Well, here’s the next thing when it comes to men in typically women’s clothing; Meggings. 

Yes, you guessed it, leggings for men. For the highly fashion aware, meggings have been on the radar for a while now, but it seems they are starting to become more and more public knowledge and more men are starting to rock the tights look. 

Style ‘icons’ such as Russell Brand and Noel Fielding have been sporting the trend for a while now and despite their quirky looks, meggings are not just for the outlandish dressers anymore. Meggings are the next step up from the skinny jeans. 

5 years ago the thought of men in skinny jeans was ridiculous, now it’s completely normal. Could meggings be heading in the same direction? Women know the ease and practicality that come with wearing leggings. They are the ultimate in comfort wear. 

However, for men, it is probably a different story. The risk of indecent exposure and the absence of pockets may be issues worth considering. Therefore, before you clad your legs in fabric, here are some tips for wearing the trend. 

Firstly, instead of going for some lovely floral or leopard print pattern, if you’re going to go with this trend, I would probably stick with black! Secondly, please don’t wear leggings with just a t-shirt or short top, you definitely need something longer length to save yours and everyone else’s blushes. Thirdly, please consider the shape of your legs before committing to leggings... they only really work on nice shapely legs. 

And finally, never, ever wear leggings with flip flops. A rule both men and women alike should stick to! If you fancy getting your hands on a bargain pair of meggings head over to trendy store Uniqlo who are already stocking them on their website, with many stores likely to follow suit. Also Stitch Leggings (pictured above) have a vast selection to choose from.

So will you be rocking meggings in the near future? Do you think they will become the new skinny jeans?


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