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Pink is the Colour

There can be few colours more divisive in the world of men's fashion than that of pink. It is a real statement colour and I don't think anyone will argue that it takes a certain breed of chap to pull of the pink attire look

Said chap will need no shortage of confidence and bravado because fellows in pink invariably promote comments aplenty but, when you do it right, those comments are universally positive. 

The key component is that of quality. When it comes to wearing men's pink shirts, you need to never compromise on quality. It would be a fair statement to say that there really can be few sights more abhorrent than a man in a poorly tailored pink shirt. 

In order to properly pull of the dashing look, you have to opt for nothing but the best and quality of craftsmanship is of paramount importance.

 It takes confidence to wear pink

Tailoring is somewhat of a lost art form what with the prevalence of low quality and high quantity high street stores but it is crucial to keep this tradition alive and the sort of chap who can rock a pink shirt is also the sort of fellow who will likely want to help keep the heritage of fine, sartorial shirt making alive. 

You need to carefully think about how you accessorise a pink shirt because, one false step, and your whole look can come tumbling down. 

Pink is a colour that is for the fearless sort of dresser who is prone to bouts of bravado and flamboyance and it is without question an essential look this autumn. 

It's not easy to be a snappy dresser nor to wear pink for the first time but, much like Lionel Messi, it's not until you really see it in action that you know how extraordinary it is. 

There are, of course, all sorts of different types of men's pink shirts to choose from but when it comes to securing sartorial superiority, quality is best, and few do it better than Budd Shirts. 

When it comes to adding a dash of colour to a mundane wardrobe, pink is certainly the way forward and once you have overcome the age-old male urge to never dress in pink, it will be an experience that garners you more than a few admiring glances and nods of acknowledgement from other dapperly dressed chaps.

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