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Punk: Chaos to Couture

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s crowd pleasing exhibit this past summer, was a survey on the influences that the 70’s Punk movement had, and still have, on our everyday style. 

Beautifully displayed in a succession of rooms in which each presented a different stylistic and emotional approach to the punk universe, the clothes shown were thoughtfully chosen selections of iconic fashion designers. 

Usual for these kinds of mega fashion exhibits, the spotlight was mostly on womens wear due to the higher wow factor that a gown can have on an audience. 

So the surprise of coming face to face with Thom Browne’s punk inspired Tuxedo for men made quite an impact. This suit is composed of a short black jacket embellished with rows of safety pins around the sleeves and just above the waistline, and mounted over a black kilt with every fold highlighted with vertical zippers.

 The punk inspired tux and kilt

Completing the look is a pair of black knee-high laced combat boots over black leggings. Despite the presence of a kilt, the piece proudly held a strong masculinity that was a refreshing surprise. 

Since then, there are have been a growing number of young men wearing black kilts over combat boots seen on the streets of New York City. 

Yes, it’s nice to see that the allure of 70’s punk is still relevant and influential today! 

Illustration also by Stefano Imbert

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