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Men’s Hairstyles for 2014

Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair style is very important to your everyday look... and men may moan about women spending hours on their hair, but I’ve seen a lot of you blokes having a sneaky peak at your barnet in car and shop windows at any given moment! 

I’ve had a look around at this season’s most popular hair styles for men and picked out the most popular for different hair types and textures.

Mohawk – out of bed 

This is my favourite hair style right now – in my opinion men’s hair should never be too well groomed it needs to look natural; the Mohawk is rugged and casual and can be worn with stubble or clean shaven. 

Needless to say this would still look just as great as day or night hair. This kind of style works best on straight or wavy thick hair, unless you’re one of these with curly hair and want to spend their time straightening it before hand. 

Best type of products to use for this is Loreal Studio Line Matt and Messy Fibre paste. Grab a small amount in your hands, rub together and apply it all over your hair from root to tip, twist parts of the hair for a more textured look.

Zayn Malik from One Direction
Zayn Malik from One Direction

The Quiff 

This is perfect for those with straight hair with a long fringe; the key is to smooth over the strands of hair and you need a lot of product. 

You don’t need particularly thick hair for this as you will create extra volume. A recommended product is Loreal Studio Line Extreme Gel and pull back your hair to begin the shape of the quiff; then you’ll need to blow dry the roots for the shape and to enhance the volume. 

Smooth over with some hair putty to hold in place. You could trial different variations and part to one side. This hairstyle is a well groomed image and particularly for evening wear with a clean shaven face for a completed look.

David Beckham
David Beckham

Curly and Messy 

A relaxed casual daytime look for those of you with naturally curly and thick hair; particuarly if you want to look like a beach hunk on Bondi beach! 

This kind of style really doesn’t require much attention especially if you are lucky enough to have curly hair that doesn’t frizz or go wild. To keep your mane tame try out Sassoon Curl Form which will give extra bounce and anti frizz. 

Massage some foam through your hair before blow trying to give lustre and curl protection – for extra messiness ruffle your hair all over.

Curly & messy hair in Vogue
Curly & messy hair in Vogue


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