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Aigle Spring/Summer 2014

The new collection by Aigle is a season bathed in colours... much like a painter's palette. The artistic director of the brand, Gideon Day speaks of the inspiration behind the Spring/Summer 2014 collection: 

“The collection is inspired by the atmosphere and decor of family country summer homes, with their meadows of wheat, the sweet scent of wild flower gardens and the sound of chirping crickets. Or, the beach house with its sun-bleached colours, sandy beaches and the nearby lapping of the ocean.”

The season's early colour palette is saturated with red and cumin developing into more watercolour shades as the season progresses with fresh tones of ocean blue, topaz, soft yellows, cranberry, and rose. Other highlights of the season include a palette of indigo blues and variations of chambray. 

Drawing on its country heritage Aigle presents its contemporary interpretation of the hunting jacket. Timeless, functional and indispensable, the hunting jacket draws the brand back to its roots with new styles available for both men and women. 

Combining authenticity with modernity, each jacket features classic hunting jacket details including reinforced shoulders and dual cartridge pockets while a vivid palette of intense over-dyed bright tones introduces a more contemporary handwriting.

"Timeless, functional and indispensable"
"Timeless, functional and indispensable"

The chambray trend extends to Aigle's iconic protective outerwear with the season's standout styles featuring the season's essential shades of indigo blue. Inspired by the instantly recognisable shades of vintage workwear, the indigo theme introduces a range of functional garments which combine stylish looks with a subtlety of colour and lightness of fabric. Soft chambray provides the fabric backdrop for parkas, shirts and trousers for both men and women. 

The season's prints include desert-pattern camouflage on shorts, safari jackets and shoes. Referencing their roots while introducing a new updated look, Aigle introduces the quilted jacket. A core style for many seasons, the quilted jacket embraces the stylish and elegant equestrian spirit.

"Inspired by the recognisable shades of vintage workwear"
"Inspired by the recognisable shades of vintage workwear"


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