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Lads, the weekend is upon us! We nine-to-fivers rejoice, flooding the streets in jubilant ecstasy like the mad, raving weekend warriors we really are. You have a to-do list set before you. Not like the ones that await you come Monday morning in your cramped office cubicle. 

No. This to-do list involves 1) hanging with the mates 2) pulling a fine lass 3) downing a few pints 4) catching the game on TV 5) getting out into the open air. Or something like it. And by golly, why shouldn’t you fulfill all those things? The only speed bump holding you back is your gear. 

Time to be the alpha male you aspire to be and do it in style. Enter Two Square. Imagine having a virtual BFF that will never steer you wrong when it comes to doling out advice on looking your best. This fashion brand, where one Londonien (Steve Atkinson) and one Ozzie (Jeremy Remeeus) collaborated on a fashion line for the modern male, IS your BFF. Trust me. 

And if we take a few pages from their spangly, magnificent playbook, here are a few rules to live by when conquering your weekend of freedom like the Spartan you are:

1) Button Up, It’s Cold Outside. Maybe you’ve heard the old jazz standard. Maybe not. But in any case before Spring is sprung, keep your nipply bits warm from the bite of the unrelenting cold. You’re probably thinking about rocking old reliable: jeans and a tee. Wrong. 

You’ll need a stunner: a jacket that will set you apart from the rest of the wolf pack. Because that’s what you’ll be doing come closing time at the office: running with the wolves. The Envy bomber jacket is every bit of stunner and some shiny bits of urban and cool. You can still look professional throwing it on over your button down work shirt or look hip and laidback by coupling it with your favorite v-neck tee. 

Bombers come in all shapes and sizes, most of them holdovers from the RUN DMC era of 80s cool. The Envy reimagines the bomber for today’s male who’s ready to hit the Fleece and Firkin for a few lagers and a game of snooker and leave with that stellar blond from Manchester. Sweet, smooth sleeves and wool twill are the chemical combination that makes this number rock.

"A fashion line for the modern male"
"A fashion line for the modern male"

2) Lumber, Jack! That’s code for getting fitted in a Marker, a long sleeve yarn dye check shirt, worn by the kings of the outback and Appalachia. Yeah, we’re talking a checked shirt or as we call them in the hood, lumberjacks. Lumberjacks chop down trees, yell “timber”, and look all kinds of badass in the offing. 

You’ll do the same with your sleeves rolled up to show off those forearms you’ve been improving in the gym and the opened collar to reveal just enough chest hair to send out a mating call to eligible bachelorettes. Some of our fashion faves have sported the look with suit jackets, shorts, or whatever feeling hits them: Pharrell Williams, Nick Wooster, Marc Jacobs. 

This is the shirt you’ll need to run wild on your weekend, kick around the football a bit, or drive out west with Penny or Gladys or Dora on your arm until the fuel runs out. Doesn’t matter how you rock the look. Just rock the look.

"The shirt you’ll need to run wild on your weekend"
"The shirt you’ll need to run wild on your weekend"

3) Be a Heartbreaker. You’ve heard the saying, “Play it mean, and keep ‘em keen.” That’s your mantra for your night out in the club. You don’t want to look desperate or clingy. Men and women alike are drawn to characters who are assertive and unflinching, strong and unwavering. 

When time comes for you to bust out your best dance moves or moonwalk over to the bar, you should be doing so in a pair of skinny chinos. They’re the slick cousin of the skinny jean. Everybody’s wearing the skinny jean tonight. But only the VIPs knew to be the standout in the crowd and rock the chino. 

Two Square’s appropriately named Heartbreaker is just that: the standout. It’s a tapered leg with a skinny fit bound to show off your quads and assets. And it looks great with just about any sort of garnish: fat laced Adidas or leather chaussures de ville, button down slim fit suit jackets or urban bombers. The choice is yours. 

Now that you’ve gotten your gear sorted, go forth and conquer that weekend of mayhem that’s been calling your name since Monday morning’s first expense report hit your desk!

"Go forth and conquer that weekend"
"Go forth and conquer that weekend"
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