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In the summer of 2008, Andreu Fernández was on holiday in Shanghai and he was also soon to be working for a strategic consulting company and so he needed a few elegant suits to wear for the office and business meetings. 

In Shanghai, he sourced a good quality product at a very reasonable price. With this discovery, he looked for a way to continue to buy these suits directly from Europe.

One thing led to another, and when he came back home he had already created a business plan for the development of a new tailor made clothing online business. 

Two months and a couple of trips to China later, Tailor4Less (T4L) was launched in Spain. Their suit materials offering incldues Australian Merino Wool, which gives a mark of excellence, to cotton, linen and blended fabrics.

"A couple of trips to China later, Tailor4Less was launched"
"A couple of trips to China later, Tailor4Less was launched"

T4L has also been the first brand to carry out a 3D visualization system which enables customers to see the result of their configuration in real time and with a high level of detail. 

We tested their service and ordered a double breasted navy suit with turn up trousers after a rather hilarious and exhausting self-measuring session. 

To our amazement the suit fits like a glove and we’re very impressed with the fabric. For the price-point we’d definitely recommend them for those young chaps who’re looking to buy their first mid-range suits for work.

"The suit fits like a glove"
"The suit fits like a glove"


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