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The Guide to Perfect Eyebrows for Men

Shaping one’s eyebrows has become common practice among both men and women, whether the former admit it or not. 

Physically, eyebrows have the role of protecting the eye against moisture, such as sweat or rain, but they can also have a big say in the overall aesthetic balance of your facial traits. 

Men’s main goals are to give the face a smarter, cleaner look and remove the heaviness of the brows in order to make the eyes look bigger and more youthful. 

For beginners, it would be recommendable to go to a professional salon and get a precise shape which can then be maintained at home by removing the extra hairs as they grow. 

However, for those more confident in their DIY skills, we recommend following these important steps: 

1. Before you start, get a magnifying mirror and a pair of quality tweezers, preferably with a sharp point. Using the right tools will make it easier to pick up the small hairs without injuring the skin in the process. Before you start gently tap the area around the eyebrows with an alcohol pad to disinfect the skin. 

2. Ideally, you should always follow the natural shape of the eyebrows and only pluck the extra hairs. However, if you want to change the shape as well, use a white eyeliner pencil to draw the desired look and analyse whether it would suit your face or not. 

3. Once you start, take care not to get carried away and remove more than you initially planned. Many people think it would be more efficient to pluck more than one hair at once, and before they know it they cause gaps in the eyebrow line. Never pluck above the brow line and always make sure you take it slowly, picking only one hair at a time. 

4. Don’t be afraid to stop as often as you feel necessary to analyse the job done and decide which steps you need to take next. Prevention is key as eyebrows can take a rather long time to grow back, and there’s no quick fix for a bad shape. 

5. After you remove all the extra hairs, use small scissors to trim the eyebrows. Make sure you only trim the tip of the hair to avoid an effeminate look or unaesthetic discontinuities in the hairline. 

6. The last step is the easiest one, so congrats if you made it through! Use a slab of wax or a drop of beard oil to massage the eyebrows with your fingertips in order to give them a bit of shine and accentuate their new shape. 

If you made a mistake along the way and you don’t like your new eyebrows, there’s no need to fret. Use a kohl pencil to redraw their initial shape and cover possible gaps until your hair grows back again.


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