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Time To Re-Boot

Long gone are the days when guys only really needed two pairs of shoes; trainers for casual and smart shoes for work (and maybe an old pair of slippers), because that’s just not how the modern gent dresses himself. 

Today’s style conscious male has suitable shoes for every occasion, and knows his brogues from his monkstraps and his Oxfords from his loafers. 

Style isn’t what it used to be; long ago the sophisticated man knew a certain type of shoes was only appropriate with a certain type of clothing, but today we see style icons working hi-top trainers with suits, and loafers with shorts – and get this, they actually pull it off and look good. 

It proves style isn’t about following the rules, it’s about an innate sense you should have for being creative and making something work (for you).

So that’s where we come on to heavy duty all-weather boots! These are no longer just a workman’s staple, they’re now the ultimate accessory for your everyday wardrobe. 

Not only are these wonders a lesson in practicality (they will see you through long city walks, muddy festivals and country walks), they’re also extremely versatile. 

But here you are sat wondering how heavy-duty boots work with anything but cargo pants right? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Heavy duty boots can be workmen’s boots, army boots or even riding boots (stocked at Edgemere and Ptarmigan). 

The key to making these work in a fashion look is to keep everything polished and luxe – try to keep your boot’s leather in great condition with a leather care kit. 

Worn boots can look good if you’re the James Dean type, but if you’re not confident in styling weathered boots, keep things neat and tidy!

"Keep everything polished and luxe"
"Keep everything polished and luxe"

Riding boots are a great example of heavy duty boots that will go with a country heritage outfit. Try tucking your slim fit trousers into a pair at the cuff, so you can show off some great leather-work. 

You can also go for a "mod" look with heavy duty boots. Simply wear them with slim jeans and quite a neutral pallet and you’ll be channelling the style of your favourite indie rockstars in no time. 

So how would you wear heavy duty boots? We’ve shared our style tips, now it’s time to share yours in the comments below.

Timberland Autumn/Winter 2014
Timberland Autumn/Winter 2014


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