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Gagliardi Spring / Summer 2014

Here’s some true Italian sartorial style to brighten up your day today. After just a couple of minutes browsing this Gagliardi Spring/Summer 2014 menswear collection you’ll be packing away those dull winter threads and looking for a reason not to buy a complete new wardrobe. 

This new collection by a brand born and bred in the Mediterranean warmth and well-being has innovation in its sails, and the range has something for every age of men under the sun.

This seasons range comes inspired by the fashionable Italian coastal resort location of Amalfi. 

Whilst resting on tried and tested tailoring specialities seen in AW13 and SS13, styles are turned around and brightened up with flair, colour, prints and pinstripes (and the odd polka dot). 

Fresh colours embrace the typically nautical navy and white, mixed with dashes of yellow, sand, pink, burnt orange, sky blue and stone. Details such as those only the most elegant of men would request his tailor to include.

"Styles are turned around and brightened up with flair"
"Styles are turned around and brightened up with flair"

City structure or weekend relax, the details introduced this year in the shirt range include the granddad collar, horizontal stripe, Tattersall check and Chambray fabrics. 

Trousers and shorts bring on the feel of the boating culture with dashing white base basket weaves, white piping, raised rib shorts, and the iconic regatta stripes.

"Something for every age of men under the sun"
"Something for every age of men under the sun"

The styled Gagliardi outfits seen in these lookbook images and the behind-the-scenes video footage below are made to stand out and be noticed. 

The onus is on providing men with a selection of attuned pieces that fall together effortlessly whilst maintaining a soft elegance that is all about manly demeanour and enduring taste.

"Attuned pieces that fall together effortlessly"
"Attuned pieces that fall together effortlessly"


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