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Buyer Briefing with Samuel Nettey

The sun's starting to break through the miserable weather and there is something quite encouraging in men being bolder with their fashion selections. 

Dressing for an occasion is becoming less formulaic, especially with footwear and more and more men are beginning to sit up and take notice. 

With that in mind I have put together a few footwear styles you should try this summer. We all have our one favourite pair, but it never hurts to add to your collection!

Bold floral prints is an evident trend on apparel for Spring/Summer 2014. For those of you who prefer a subtle alternative to the printed shirt trend, we’ve contrasted this print on a navy base Jute Slip-On, making it easy for anyone to pull off the floral print trend with a pair of chinos or jeans.

Jute Slip-On
Jute Slip-On

Linen has never had the best image and is often overlooked or associated with the slightly older guy! 

However, on closer inspection the Canvas Pump texture gives a washed, relaxed, vintage type feel and better yet, it's more breathable than your average shoe. 

We’ve brought our interpretations of linen lace ups back into focus in a variety of bold and easy colours to suit your mood.

Canvas Pump
Canvas Pump

Brogues are slowly becoming a classic staple piece, so we have taken these elements and paired it with a textured pebbled rich tan leather to shake off the perceived formality of a "Brogue" and threw in hiker laces for good measure. 

Style these Tan Textured Brogue shoes with Dark Selvedge jeans and an oxford shirt and you wouldn’t go far wrong!

Tan Textured Brogue
Tan Textured Brogue

Loafers... I’m cheating slightly but it was too hard to narrow it down to one single pair! 

Depending on the occasion, there is a variety of leathers, suede, tassel or the more traditional saddle style to choose from. Socks or no socks is your call to make.

NEXT Loafers
NEXT Loafers

Lastly, we have reworked another quintessential English classic in the form of the toecap. 

Usually seen in and around the office environment, this smarter silhouette with sharp lines made this Toe Cap shoe style perfect to rework with a blue sole to recreate the classic tan toecap with a vibrant twist.

Toe Cap Shoe
Toe Cap Shoe


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