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Abnormal is the brainchild of 2 brothers, Jake and Josh, and they’re re-launching this season with the aim to bring something a little unique and distinctive to the current menswear market. 

Fed up of seeing the same people in the same clothes, they created a brand with creativity in their blood, having studied graphics at University. This artistic impact is ever present in their garment designs.

The label is heavily influenced by the culture and music scene surrounding the siblings. They have ingrained these elements to the brands core and key message. 

With a vision to share ideas and collaborate with similar minds the brand is constantly evolving with their customers. Each garment is created to feel cared for and individual, which is why you’ll find every item personally numbered by hand which is a nice touch. 

A particular eye-catching eccentric design in the SS14 collection is limited edition, a result of their philosophy which believes clothes should be viewed, not as a necessity but as artwork and an abstraction of personality.

"Heavily influenced by the culture and music scene "
"Heavily influenced by the culture and music scene "

Gaining rave reviews from the likes of Plan B and Rizzlekicks the, brand are rising to the forefront, with their quirky characteristics intact. 

With the huge array of Menswear labels operating for market share in today’s retail market, Abnormal are standing by their principal values, firm in their view to relentlessly strive to develop designs to suit their customers. 

The brand doesn’t just churn out average clothing, the siblings are involved in every aspect, and have an ever-present connection to their customers through their social media channels. The brothers run an insightful blog and social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing their personalities to show through and prove what’s really inspiring them on a day-to-day basis. 

Featuring innovative designs, the SS14 range is an exciting new collection of tees, sweats, shirting and accessories retailing from £20-50.

"Rave reviews from the likes of Plan B and Rizzlekicks"
"Rave reviews from the likes of Plan B and Rizzlekicks"


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