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Win an Exclusive Malbec Tasting Day with Trivento

This Spring, countries around the world, including the UK, will pay tribute to the growing popularity of Malbec by hosting a selection of Argentinian events to shine a light on this grape. 

The appeal of Argentinian Malbecs has been steadily rising due to their juicy and fruity notes and velvety texture making each wine smooth and easy to drink as well as being great value for money at all levels. 

To celebrate this, Argentinian wine brand Trivento is giving you the chance to win an exclusive tasting experience at London’s Paramount Bar for you and two friends. 

Located at the top of Centre Point, the bar is one of the highest viewing points in the city and sits at a similar altitude to where the Trivento vineyards can be found in Argentina.

Trivento’s range of delicious red wines are crafted from the vineyards of Mendoza and the three winds that blow across its lands. 

The result is a beautifully refined and balanced wine including the fruity and fresh Trivento Reserve Malbec, which offers hints of vanilla, plum and raspberry aromas with a velvety finish. 

Each Trivento wine is created using the dark red Malbec grape of the Mendoza vineyards. The high altitude of these vineyards ensures cooler temperatures but increased intensity of sunlight. 

The result is an incredibly well structured wine that’s soft and rounded with rich, fresh fruit berry flavours.

Paramount Bar London
Paramount Bar London

Trivento means "Three Winds" and is tribute to the Polar winds from the South, the Zonda winds from the neighbouring Andes mountains and the Sudestada winds from the South East. 

These seasonal winds are a force of nature to create the optimum terroir for the creation of the signature Trivento wines. 

For your chance to win simply Click Here and follow the Facebook page instructions. It's quick and easy! 

The competition will close on Wednesday 7 May 2014 at 12pm and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Wednesday 14 May 2014.

Trivento Vineyard
Trivento Vineyard


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