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Interview with Michael Norén of L’oeil

A carefully curated collection of menswear delight, curious Swedish accessory company L’oeil attentively delivers a handpicked selection of unique brands and particular products from their lively yet delicate online web store. 

Founded in Stockholm by Michael Norén and Anders Norrman in 2012, the brand began with a simple vision to create and sell their own collections of men’s focused jewellery with both personality and quality. 

Following the well-deserved success of their own product ranges, the brand has since made the first steps towards a progression into becoming a global accessory collective. 

Now offering a vibrant yet exclusive selection of unique men’s products, from wallets to socks and bags to hats, L’oeil has successfully laid the foundations of a high quality men’s accessory brand.

Co-founder Michael brings us up to speed on the L’oeil brand origins and future progressive plans.  

So, we have to say, we’re big fans of the site already. Tell us, what’s the story behind the l’oeil brand? 

"When we launched loeil.se two years ago and the goal was to provide edgy and quality bracelets and accessories for men. We found it hard to find tasteful and affordable jewellery for men and wanted to fill that gap. As we got picked up by some bloggers and magazines, we started to sell products to different parts of the world. Recently we decided to take the next step to develop the business and start selling more fashion accessories from other brands than ourselves."

"Edgy and quality accessories for men"
"Edgy and quality accessories for men"

We know there is only a selectable range of products available on the site as of yet – what are the plans for future brand selection? 

"We want the products to be in line with our concept and we carefully hand pick every item. We are continuously looking for more products and our range will expand gradually with more brands from all over the world."  

Your curating of accessories is fun yet unique; does l’oeil have any plans to expand to full clothing ranges? 

"Our passion is fashion accessories and that is currently our main focus, but to add clothing to our range might be a natural step in the future. We are always open and interested in new ideas and collaborations."

"We carefully hand pick every item"
"We carefully hand pick every item"

Finally, we love Stockholm and it’s great store selection across the city – could we be seeing l’oeil in a physical presence anytime in the future? 

"Many of our customers are located outside of Sweden so we want to focus on being available online. We want to offer our customers great products and service, no matter where they live. You never know what the future holds, so if we feel there is a demand, we will definitely consider having a physical store."

"We want to offer great products"
"We want to offer great products"


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