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Interview with Silvera Profumi D’autore

Discover, taste, feel, be inspired, learn new things. Have you ever thought you can have all these experiences in a perfume shop? 

If the answer is “no” you should pay a visit to Silvera Profumi d’Autore, in Rome. A little boutique filled with products selected with care – care for the culture represented by the meaning of making perfumes – and attention to the needs of the customers. 

Located in Via di Ripetta, in the heart of Rome, Silvera took the place of a jewellery store and, maintaining the same layout, it displays its products as if they were as precious as jewels. In a few months it became a key store for the lovers of artistic perfumery. Talking with its owner, Eduardo, you will find all the reasons why.

How you get to artistic perfumery? 

"Travelling. I moved to Italy twelve years ago to join a dance company. Then, growing up, I focused my attention to fashion and communication. I attended a fashion academy in Rome and began working as a product consultant in several boutiques connected with perfumes. I found how thrilling the world of scents could be and decided to open my own shop once I finished my latest work experience."

"Silvera Profumi d’Autore, in Rome"
"Silvera Profumi d’Autore, in Rome"

Thrilled by perfume and fond of communication: which part do you prefer in your work? 

"I love both. When the artists of perfume say that “perfumery is the eight art” I think they are right. I’m delving into it more each day and it helps me both in the understanding of the kind and amount of time, knowledge and respect you need to make a perfume and, together with it, in improving my communication for a better care of my costumers. 

Silvera’s selection is indeed mesmerizing. Displaying together labels from different parts of the world, it encounters the needs of different cultures. From the Italian Laboratorio Olfattivo, inspired by the world of cinema, and Peccato Originale, developed by a nose whose family has a tradition in pharmacy, to the Spanish Santi Burgas, or the historic Jovoy and the artistic Paul Emilien from France, every demand is covered. Besides Pure Addiction by Paul Emilien, there is a special corner dedicated to men: Antiga Barberia de Bairro."

"Displays products as if they were as precious as jewels"
"Displays products as if they were as precious as jewels"

Speaking of Antiga Barberia de Bairro. Can you tell us more about it? 

"Antiga Barberia de Bairro is from Portugal, where the art of shaving is an integral part of the history of many towns. Even though it is a young label it develops a product inspired by this art and it recreates a complete range of product for the ritual of grooming. The packaging is inspired by the architectures and decorations in Art Nouveau style seen in lots of cities in Portugal."

"Perfumery is the eight art"
"Perfumery is the eight art"

You said you are studying the art of perfumery. Is Silvera going to have its own fragrance? 

"I’m working on it. The creation of a perfume takes a lot of time and a deep dedication and care. I want it to be something unique."

"Labels from different parts of the world"
"Labels from different parts of the world"


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