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Bash by Barry Wishnow

A few weeks ago, while drawing at the Society of Illustrators in New York during a fashion night, a friend told me about Barry Wishnow, whom she considered a great menswear designer. Immediately my interest was sparked, so I quickly looked him up and his brand. 

Bash by Barry Wishnow, a wonderful combination of 30s and 40s styles with a modern-day twist, captivated me right away. Impeccably cut suits and jackets have a country-gentleman flair given a fresh intensity when bold and bright colors are blended together. 

Barry Wishnow likes to use saturated mauve and purple tweeds combined with bold striped knitted ties over pink and white checked shirts. These are daring choices that work flawlessly as they are balanced by the highly masculine cut of each piece.

Wishnow makes a smart use of the waistcoat as well, which complements many of his suits in spite of the contrasting colour schemes. 

It’s such an exciting surprise to see a bright yellow double-breasted waistcoat peeking out from a deep blue pinstriped classic suit. 

Barry Wishnow didn’t appear on the menswear fashion scene by mere chance; he’s previously held the positions of President of Calvin Klein and CEO of Hugo Boss America. 

His past roles make Bash by Barry Wishnow even more appealing as this brand is clearly a labour of love and a way for Mr. Wishnow to assert his own point of view in regards to men’s style and elegance. 

Illustration also by Stefano Imbert

"A wonderful combination of 30s and 40s styles"
"A wonderful combination of 30s and 40s styles"


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