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Essential Gadgets for Camping this Summer

Summer and camping go hand-in-hand and, truth be told, there are few better ways of enjoying all the fantastic weather that summer has to offer than spending it under the stars with a spot of camping. 

Heading out into the wild is a truly liberating experience and it is little wonder that so many of us will be enjoying a camping trip this summer, but to make it even more memorable you should ensure that you have all the right bits of technology and gadgetry stowed away before you get to grips with Mother Nature. Take a look at our list of camping gadgetry essentials below:

Biolite BaseCamp Stove 

Cooking on an open flame is a simple pleasure of camping but this doesn't mean you need to do it caveman style. You can do it in style with this awesome looking, not to mention technologically advanced, Biolite BaseCamp Stove which not only has room for 8 burgers atop its grill, it can also charge your USB devices through the energy created by the flames.

"It can also charge your USB devices"
"It can also charge your USB devices"

Napsack by Poler Stuff 

There's no escaping the fact that camping can be a fiddly affair when it comes to dealing with sleeping bag zippers, but what if you had a sleeping bag you could simply wear about the camp without attracting too many befuddled looks from bears? Well, sir, there is such a thing in existence and it goes by the name of the Napsack by Poler Stuff and, safe to say, it's all sorts of awesome.

"Camping can be a fiddly affair"
"Camping can be a fiddly affair"

Pitt Cue Co. Cookbook 

There's no point having that awesome Biolite BaseCamp Stove if you've no clue as to what to cook on it when you get out into the wild, that's why you should be packing a copy of the Pitt Cue Co. Cookbook safely away in your rucksack before you head out. Chock full of meat-based deliciousness, this will see you return to civilisation after your camping trip a happy, albeit overweight, camper.

"Chock full of meat-based deliciousness"
"Chock full of meat-based deliciousness"

Sturdy Flashlight 

Whilst torches aren't exactly the most glamorous gadgets to remember when you're camping, they are definitely one of the most vital. It's inherently dark in the great outdoors and there will be times when you have to navigate from point A to point B in near total darkness and it will be at these times that you will be glad that you remembered to take this Budget Batteries torch with you on your camping trip.

"It's inherently dark in the great outdoors"
"It's inherently dark in the great outdoors"

Pat's Backcountry Beverages 

Depending on how far into the wild you plan on heading, there's unlikely to be any pubs within the immediate vicinity so you're going to need to take your own grog and there are few better proponents of this than Pat's Backcountry Beverages which allows you to brew your own beers in the wilderness and means that you don't need to be lugging crates of beer around since these are considerably lightweight and only require water to brew. 

So, if you're off on a camping adventure this summer, you should endeavour to make sure that you've got all of the above safely stowed away in your rucksack!

"Brew your own beers in the wilderness"
"Brew your own beers in the wilderness"


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