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Skinny T.M.Lewin To Go Please!

British formal wear company TM Lewin invited me down to their flagship Jermyn Street store last week to be fitted for one of their newest products, a skinny fit suit. 

Now, for a brand synonymous with high quality tailoring, it seems apt that in this sartorialist revolution they should release a revolutionary new product. Being renowned for offering quality products, it seems somewhat unfair that they have been, by some, overlooked when it comes to modern tailoring. 

The new skinny suit looks set to change this in a big way. The suit is revolutionary for the brand in two ways. 

"Firstly, it is the first skinny fit suit the company has ever offered" 

I am somewhat a connoisseur of the skinny fit suit, owning several from other high street stores, and for me, this one tops the lot.

The jacket is the best fitting off the peg jacket I have come across, with single button fastening and single button detailing on the cuffs, it is available in a range of chest sizes and lengths. 

The trousers come unfinished and TM Lewin personally measures you and sends them to the tailor for finishing, a service you don’t get at your usual high street store! This allowed me to personalise how much ankle I show (because I do love to flaunt a good sock). 

The second way this suit is revolutionary, is the price. The two piece, available in black, navy or grey, is £149 and places it perfectly in competition with high street stores like Topman and River Island.

"TM Lewin personally measures you "
"TM Lewin personally measures you "

TM Lewin has the upper hand, however, as their 116 years of fine tailoring experience ensures you are getting a product of great quality and fit. 

The skinny suit isn’t their only big announcement. They have just been announced as the official tailoring supplier for the Welsh Rugby Union team, providing me with the perfect opportunity to pose with Rugby player Jamie Roberts and show off the TM Lewin skinny suit. Thanks to TM Lewin Liverpool and Joseph Bristow for the fitting service.

"A product of great quality and fit"
"A product of great quality and fit"
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