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Patek Philippe 2014 Collection

Since 1839, the independent Geneva-born brand, Patek Philippe has been creating the most magnificent, timeless watches, with some collections such as Calatrava and Nautilus dating all the way back to 1932 yet still having so much relevance in today’s watch and jewellery market. 

Recently coined as one of the few luxury brands offering “clean timepieces that conjure classic styles” in Christopher Tennant’s article in The Wall Street Journal’s fashion column, Patek Philippe is up there with many of the greats. 

Some of the most marvelled timepieces at this year’s Baselworld show included Omega’s manually wound De Ville Trésor, Louis Vuitton's 67,500 Escale Worldtime and Bulgari’s Ammiraglio del Tempo, all of which embrace traditional, uncomplicated watchmaking from the past. 

Patek Philippe has taken much inspiration from this sophisticated trend and this can be seen within their 2014 pieces. Patek Philippe was also an exhibitor at Baselworld in March 2014, with brand new 2014 models featured in many of the collections, including the two most famous and renowned ranges, Calatrava and Nautilus. 

Here is a round-up of 2014’s best new models from the Genevan brand. 

White Gold Calatrava 5153G-010 

The striking white gold on this 2014 timepiece (pictured above) is clean and simple, and celebrates opulence in an understated and unpretentious way. It features a self-winding mechanical motion with a hand-stitched strap for the perfect black finish. 

Dating back to the early 1930s, this collection is still a popular range to this day. The recent 2014 5153G-010 model is an elegant addition to the group.

Stainless Steel Nautilus 5990/1A-001 

This stainless steel marvel brings together the old and new. Featuring a mechanical self-winding movement as well as a special chronograph with 60 minute counter, dual time zone mechanism, and local day/night indicator in apertures, this striking timepiece is designed for a modern travelling man.

"The old and new"
"The old and new"

Rose Gold Grand Complications 5304R-001 

Without a doubt, a complete standout piece from the Grand Complications collection. And it certainly is a grand complication of extravagant design and ornamental craftsmanship. 

The mechanically exposed watch face creates an interesting feature and its round case of 18 carat rose gold gives it every bit of indulgence it deserves. 

"The case is also trimmed with a skeletonised dial which displays time in hours, minutes and seconds" 

To get a bit closer to the Grand Complications collection and appreciate all of the fine detailing, watch this video shot by Trends Mag.

"Extravagant design and ornamental craftsmanship"
"Extravagant design and ornamental craftsmanship"

Platinum Grand Complications 5271P-001 

This is another design from the Grand Complications range. Extremely slick and masculine, the platinum 5271P-001 is a stylish timepiece designed to complement fine modern tailoring. 

The platinum casing adds another level of class and opulence, yet still remaining clean and polished, perfect for the contemporary sartorialist. 

All timepieces are from George Pragnell Jewellers.

"Extremely slick and masculine"
"Extremely slick and masculine"


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