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Buddha to Buddha Premier Watch Collection

Precisely timed to become the season’s number 1 gift of choice, Buddha to Buddha celebrates the launch of their first ever watch line. 

Famous Dutch supermodel, Mark van der Loo, is chosen as the face of this exciting new product range, as he perfectly embodies the characterful designs that promise to set new standards in the upscale watch market.

'Time to Embrace' underlines the inspiration for the iconic watches as it encompasses living consciously in the moment and fulfilling the possibilities of enjoyment; making the most of each day in an easy-going and natural manner.

"Time to Embrace"
"Time to Embrace"

In the same manner that the traditional Silversmiths who create the brand’s renowned sterling silver pieces by hand, pride themselves on preciseness, Buddha to Buddha is determined that their premier watch collection also echoes this level of detail. 

In close collaboration with a professional Swiss partner, 23 Swiss Made solid watches for men and women offer the highest level of craftsmanship. Inspired by the enigmatic ocean, love of change and the eternal movement that surrounds us all, the collections named ‘Aquatic Explorer’ and ‘Accelerator’ wonderfully resonate the free-spirited brand philosophy; clean, powerful designs crafted from durable and luxurious materials with unique features that place them in a league of their own.

Accelerator No.3 watch
Accelerator No.3 watch

Our top pick watch goes to the Accelerator No.3 which features a 46mm face, brown leather straps, a stainless steel case and a 2.5mm scratch resistance sapphire glass. It includes the technical detailing of watches in accuracy, reliability water resistance up to 20ATM and shock resistance. 

All models in the ‘Accelerator’ category are designed with the purest adrenaline seekers in mind, and have a fine balance between functionality and care-free wearing. The precise time-keeping and Tachymeter gives this part of the collection an unmistakable identity of speed and adrenaline.

"The highest level of craftsmanship"
"The highest level of craftsmanship"

A unique feature of the ‘Aquatic Explorer’ range is the ‘Mindstate Ring’, reminding us to treasure each given moment. Along the dial plate, emotive words are placed inspiring you on how to spend your quality time. 

We caught up with the founder and CEO, Batul Loomans, to find out more about the brand and how he it started: 

“When I started with Buddha to Buddha, it came totally out of a meditative spontaneous situation. I did a massage course in the ashram in India and a friend who joined in had a little silver factory. Whilst partying in Goa I wanted to have a cool bracelet around my wrist, so I made a drawing and my friend with the factory helped to create it. Now 22 years later I still enjoy my daily meditation practice. The creativity that pops out of there is still the base of this beautiful journey.”

"Free-spirited brand philosophy"
"Free-spirited brand philosophy"


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