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Discover Tobias Clothing

Founded in 2011 by Daisy Hambro, Tobias is based on two fundamental principles: to create a shirt that is both unique and easy to wear, whilst at the same time helping educate India’s underprivileged children. 

This ethical fashion brand is known for designing comfortable and stylish men’s casual, cotton and linen shirts perfect for the city commuter. Their current range features bursts of Indian colour and prints to help freshen up your look.

The new collection features both plain and striped shirts and combines the beautiful colours of India with a high quality, tailored look.

"Beautiful colours of India"
"Beautiful colours of India"

The flashes of pattern on the collar and cuffs add vibrancy to this classic wardrobe staple. Day or night, at the beach, office or in a city bar, Tobias shirts give the perfect combination of laid-back style with a contemporary edge. Simply fold back the cuffs to show the prints depending on the social event or your preference. They’re also hassle-free and machine washable too! 

The brand has set out to create an ethical brand that is dedicated to bringing education to some of India’s poorest children. With each shirt bought, 10% goes directly to the Akanksha Foundation - a charity that Daisy has been working with in India since 2011. 

Less than half of India’s children go to school and 53% of girls between 5 and 9 are illiterate. Education is fundamental to a fulfilled life and is currently unavailable to these children. This truly gives them little chance of breaking out of the cycle of sever poverty, but this can change thanks to charities like this.

"The perfect combination of laid-back style"
"The perfect combination of laid-back style"

We spoke to Daisy to find out more about how she came to be involved in this charity and what inspired her to set up the clothing brand: 

"When I was living in Bombay, I was drawn to all the amazing colours and prints of India and I had an idea that I wanted to combine that passion with an effort to help India’s under-privileged children, as I was also working as a volunteer teacher at a local school. The idea of the shirts came about when I started sewing fabric off-cuts onto my boyfriend’s cuffs to make them look more interesting and it just went from there. I am so happy that a few years on the brand still epitomises the reason that it started. Now that I am living in London again each time I go back to visit Mumbai I can see how donations from the shirts really are making a difference. More to that though, it is a brand that embodies what fashion should be for a modern man. Fresh and unique yet still versitile and easy to wear. The shirts are at home on the beach or in the city lights and give the wearer a tailored look without being too serious."

"Fresh and unique yet still versitile"
"Fresh and unique yet still versitile"


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