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Peugeot RCZ Sports Coupe Review

The new Peugeot RCZ Sports Coupe features an upgraded appearance with equipment that continues the appeal of the model. Pricing and specification has enhanced with design attributes that will inspire any Peugeot enthusiast. 

Designer Boris Reinmoller is the man behind the re-style including the appealing interior and environmental engines. We give him a big thumbs up on the design aspect, it looks futuristic and certainly has the wow factor – which for 26k is very impressive.

The new appearance provides the RCZ with a new posture: well seated on its wheels, as if crouching and ready to leap over the tarmac, as well as having a unique identity, with a combination of enhanced power and sensuous expression.

"Boris Reinmoller is the man behind the re-style"
"Boris Reinmoller is the man behind the re-style"


From the initial sketches, the intention was to give this new RCZ a modern style, even more exclusive and unique than the current range. A completely new front face, sporty and flowing, fully emphasises the power of its rear wings and the curves of its ‘double-bubble’ roof. This new synergy between the front and rear gives the bodywork an entirely new expression. 

We tested out this car on the countryside roads of England and stopped over at an estate hotel.  

'One impressive feature we must mention is the 384 litre boot space' 

The available space is very large, you’d have no problem packing luggage, shopping or even golf clubs. Actually, if you fold back the back two seats you’ll get a further 760 litres. 

The generous space at the front is also instantly noticeable, making the drive comfortable. You know you have enough room when each side of the car (driver and passenger) can have its own climate control setting. However, the car is a 2+2 Sports Coupe so the back seats are very restricted in size and probably only good for small children. 

Another favourite feature of ours is simply how the wing mirrors automatically tuck themselves in when you lock the car – handy for anyone living in London without private parking.

"Enhanced power and sensuous expression"
"Enhanced power and sensuous expression"


Sleek, sporty and elegant, its new style promotes its power and fluidity, strength and refinement, and affirms its distinctive singularity in the Peugeot range. The handling, low centre of gravity and grip on the road instantly puts you at ease making driving effortless and enjoyable. 

Its richness of expression is greatly increased by an extended range of colour and material combinations, both to exterior and interior, which will allow each customer to construct “Their Own” RCZ. Exterior customisation components include the grille, arch, bodywork, Carbon roof, alloy wheels, colours and trims. 

With controlled weight, carefully designed aerodynamics and modern engine technology, the RCZ has established itself as an innovative synthesis of performance and respect for the environment. Expressing all of Peugeot’s expertise in terms of road holding, the RCZ takes the requirement of driving with precision and obtaining sensations to the highest level for the Marque, to intensify all of the driver’s senses. 

The active rear aero spoiler also contributes to this performance, deployed in two positions according to the speed of the vehicle to ensure aerodynamics and stability.

Our Peugeot RCZ experience
Our Peugeot RCZ experience


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