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Blauer Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

Blauer, American sportswear leader brand since 1935 and supplier of clothing and uniforms for the American police, army and college campuses, takes advantage of its experience and know-how for the 2014 Autumn/Winter collection. 

Starting with iconic clothing from the brand’s archive - the parkas and jackets of the American police, the flight jackets for the US airforce and a decade of producing quilted jackets - Blauer offers a contemporary collection, yet firmly rooted in the American sportswear tradition.

Taslan Nylon, a core fabric for police supplies, runs in a wide range of jackets and parkas of all lengths; all precisely padded with 90/10 down, with hoods and collars enhanced by fur inserts and high-tech details expertly produced, such as side zippers and detachable linings.

Sportswear leader brand since 1935
Sportswear leader brand since 1935

The nylon satin of the flight jackets runs both in the basic version - the bomber jacket - and in other variants, from the cagoule to the jacket-like model, from the sub-zero parka to the double-breasted coat used by the Toronto police. 

The range of down jackets is complete and suitable for every occasion, from basic waistcoats to thermal parkas. Ultralight down jackets are made of the latest generation nylon, ensuring that they are soft and light. Made of Pertex Microlight fabric with directly injected down, they guarantee thermal insulation and protection from atmospheric elements.

"Firmly rooted in the American sportswear tradition"
"Firmly rooted in the American sportswear tradition"

The endless archive of Blauer graphics, from army uniforms to those of college ski schools, forms the basis of the patterns created for down jackets and cagoules. 

Prints are made up-to-date thanks to digital technology and the use of contemporary fabrics. The anorak of the 50s made of cotton poplin is turned into a microfiber down jacket with camouflage dye-sublimation printing, while the parka is presented in a reversible version. 

Garments once used mainly for exercising for Blauer America apparel, have become everyday essential clothing reminiscent of American heroes such as Marlon Brando and James Dean.

"Precisely padded with 90/10 down"
"Precisely padded with 90/10 down"

The very idea of tradition and modernity is applied along with hand-craft techniques and up-to-date working techniques. If you like the sound of all this, we recommend you check out the Cruise Mainline in-store event with Jimmy Q and Co-Creative Director, Paul Harvey in Glasgow October 2nd.  

Shetland wool for example, becomes softer and more comfortable, and even warmer and lighter used together with down. From Blauer's experience and tradition of uniforms and high-tech clothing, from the inspiration drawn from the important and unique archive of historical clothes, the new Blauer collection is created, focusing on modernity without giving up the sense of continuity with the past.


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