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Get Framed with Atelier

Atelier Eyewear announces that it is launching a new online guide to help hard-to-fit eyewear purchasers find perfect fitting optical and sunglasses that match their individual styles and personalities.

The Atelier i-Style Guide employs an online questionnaire covering lifestyle and personal preferences as well as engaging Atelier’s unique proprietary webcam-based technology: UltraTool™ to accurately measure facial features and dimensions in real time.

"Accurately measure facial features"
"Accurately measure facial features"

Atelier has assembled a team of professional stylists and optical consultants to create personalised portfolios of selected frame styles. 

“Finding eyewear that fits can be challenging” according to Tim de Rosen, CEO of Atelier. “People will sometimes choose a certain style and base their decision on the style rather than the fit. That’s not the best decision for them in the long term. It’s also important to find a pair that suits your face shape, style and personality”.

"I chose a classic tortoiseshell"
"I chose a classic tortoiseshell"

Atelier will be promoting the i-Style Guide on its website and via fashion and style bloggers worldwide. Although there have been other guides for choosing eyewear, Atelier is the first luxury eyewear brand to combine a responsive questionnaire with its unique UltraTool™ online facial measuring technology. 

MWS Craig put their service to the test and chose the £265 'Bleeker' sunglasses design, "Using my webcam at the office I was able to see how each pair would look on my face. I was able to move my head around into different angles and the glasses stay in place in real time - it's quite surreal. I chose a classic tortoiseshell as the finish and I'm really pleased with the results. Normally I would never order sunglasses without trying them on first."

Bleeker Sunglasses
Bleeker Sunglasses

Atelier optical and sunglasses are custom made to match individual facial characteristics and personal styles. All models can be customised for frame color and lenses. Customers can further personalise their frames by adding their name or initials.  

Prices start at £245 including high-index single vision prescription lenses or Zeiss sun lenses and include free delivery worldwide.

"Personalise by adding a name or initials"
"Personalise by adding a name or initials"


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