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Why we’re not excited about the 2015 Apple Watch

With the launch of the new 'Apple Watch' (strangely not titled iWatch) and with smart watches and digital dials cropping up all over the place, I wonder whether soon we will all be rocking exactly the same wrist wear. 

Like any watch-fanatic, I was excited to hear of the launch of these new wave of 'smart watches', however, as amazing and super-human as they are, with the ability to do everything apart from brushing your teeth for you, they will never compare to a beautiful, classic timepiece.

Since the rise of the digital watch in the 1980s, watches suddenly became the must have fashion item.

"Strangely not titled iWatch"
"Strangely not titled iWatch"

Thankfully the novelty of these soon wore off and people reverted back to the more traditional wrist-wear in search of a more elegant and classic look. 

However, we are now going full-circle and bringing these clever watches back again. Putting the world of apps, web and media onto your wrist, the smart watch really is what it says on the tin. With easy to use touch displays and minimal buttons you can quickly and discreetly check your emails, texts, weather updates, social media, as well as monitoring your health and fitness. 

This all sounds fabulous, however, will this mean the death of the traditional watch that only allows you to know the time and date?

"Will this mean the death of the traditional watch?"
"Will this mean the death of the traditional watch?"

The new Apple Watch has announced its characteristics, with an impressive scope for customisation. With two sizes, three styles, six strap options, six material finishes and a multitude of other options to choose from - there's a wide range of combinations you can cook up to make sure your watch fits your personality and your lifestyle. 

They really are doing all they can to allow customisation and differentiation. However, all in all - they will always look pretty much the same but with a slightly different finish or strap colour.

"An impressive scope for customisation"
"An impressive scope for customisation"

I personally think there is nothing better than seeing a beautiful classic watch on a man's wrist. A watch that is well-loved and tells a story. A watch that is completely individual and you know no-one in a 10 mile radius is going to have the same one. 

'I can't see an Apple Watch being passed down from father to son for generations like traditional pieces'  

For me, the new smart watches will never match up to a traditional timepiece and I will rue the day when I see people walking along the street talking into their wrist... how do you feel about wearable technology? Do you think this trend will pass?

Apple Watches won't be passed down from father to son
Apple Watches won't be passed down from father to son


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