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Discover Chapman Bags

Relaunching it’s brand new website Chapman Bags, with a new brand identity and logo. The launch brings an exciting innovative feature with the ability to design and order a classic Chapman bag in a wide range of materials and colours; bespoke to your tastes and specifics.


The new Chapman brand identity draws on the Company’s origins as a field sports company, deeply rooted in the local Borders community. The new logo features two crossed fishing hooks, a reference to the Company’s historical association with the manufacture of fishing bags and accessories. 

Features also include stunning landscape photography of the Borders region in which Chapman is based, focusing on the 2,000 year old monument of Hadrian’s Wall, which runs the whole width of the Borders from coast to coast.

"Origins as a field sports company"
"Origins as a field sports company"

The site has new product photography including styling and modelled sizing shots of each bag along with detailed and varied content of each product. 

Fans of the brand and customers can also watch the new Chapman video below; which gives us an insight into the making of a classic Chapman fishing bag in their Carlisle factory. 


The company uses traditional hand crafted manufacturing techniques; including hand cutting all their bags from original patterns, hand machining and traditional saddlery work. 

This combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and high quality, natural materials, produces a unique finish quite unlike mass produced items. 

For gift ideas for your girlfriend or mothers; Chapman have also recently released a new Eden Collection of women’s Totes and handbags named after the rivers of Cumbria – these are also featured on the brand new site.

"Deeply rooted in the local Borders community"
"Deeply rooted in the local Borders community"


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