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Salon Prive 2014 Highlights

Salon Privé, the British supercar show is a feast for the senses, an event that excites both ladies and gents for it showcases luxury lifestyle at its best. Fast and exotic cars, stunning classic automobiles, beautiful jewellery, champagne and stunning outfits drape the lawns of Syon House, West London.

Greeted at the entrance with champagne and views of supercars and hypercars, from the worlds all powerful automotive brands, we are off to a great start.

I headed straight over to the hypercar area and staring back at me was a bright green La Ferrari – the prestigious Italian marques fastest, and most complicated hybrid hypercar

This one belonged to none other than Jamiroquai’s front man, Jay Kay. Hypercars were also represented by: Mclarens’ extreme P1, Koenigsegg’s Agera, and Bugatti’s Veyron. 

However, whilst there was a couple of other red La Ferraris looking spectacular across the lawns, there was one very special Ferrari that had many jaws dropping to the ground.

Based on the already exquisite Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, was a very lucky Ferrari buyer’s ultimate dream realised. For this car was the Ferrari F12 TRS, a one of a kind special edition built in-house at Ferrari’s Maranello plant. 

The customer wanted to design a “his/her” Ferrari, and so sparing no expense, got to work with Ferrari’s ‘special projects division.’ A drastically restyled F12 led to making it a permanent convertible, with a window in the bonnet exposing the stunning 6.3-litre V12 engine, a vastly new exterior both front and back, new 22inch wheels and no window wipers. I was mesmerized by it, what an amazing car!

Over to Lamborghini for they were showcasing the stunning Aventador roadster, but also the latest Huracan, new for 2014 which looks so menacing, a real head turner. 

One launch at Salon Privé for 2014, which took my interest was from Yorkshire based Overfinch, who were showcasing their new Sport and Long-wheel based Range Rover. 

'The Overfinch Range Rover Sport contained carbon fibre additions, upgraded leather & 23inch wheels' 

An aspect that got many people talking was the upgraded supercharger, but mainly the bi-modal sports exhaust featuring Bluetooth controlled valves. 

Speaking to the Overfinch representative, it was great to hear the passion for how customers can tailor many aspects to suit their lifestyle and requirements, “Overfinch is about making your Range Rover individual and special.

Guests attending the event on the supercar day were rewarded with a special treat and appearance from a man who in the last 15 years has established himself as one of the very best designers and craftsman the automotive industry has seen. 

Mr Horacio Pagani was there alongside his Son representing the Pagani brand and talking about the extraordinary line up of Zondas on display and the latest piece of automotive art in the form of the Pagani Huayra. The attention to details in Pagani is astonishing, and makes you absorb all the lines and admire the carbon-titanium monocoque.

The day was a triumph, with fine jewellery brand Boodles showcasing various designs such as stunning sapphire and diamond cocktail rings, beautiful emeralds and the all important ladies day competition. 

The exciting finale supercar parade closed the show with the Ferrari TRS taking top honors. Salon Privé 2015 has a lot of shoes (cars) to fill.


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