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The Nicoccino Experience

This rather Italian named brand, Nicoccino is a new product developed in Sweden which offers a pure nicotine experience without smoke. No leaving your desk every hour or standing outside the pub on a wet and rainy day... No frustrating long flights and no annoying your friends with your not-so-nice smoky odour. 

Their product contains zero tobacco, zero tars and has no scent. So it gives the satisfaction of a cigarette without the consequences, an alternative for smokers or e-cigarettes. Right now, they currently have a great online promotion whereby they’re giving away free trials on their website and they have free freight within the UK throughout October.

We can see how Nicoccino will appeal to those who take up the “habit” – good for those moments when you’re in a meeting or around the family. With this product you’ll get an immediate and powerful nicotine hit in a much more convenient and unobtrusive way. The small film is simply placed under your lip and it dissolves within minutes, leaving no trace (magic!)

"Zero tobacco, zero tars and no scent"
"Zero tobacco, zero tars and no scent"

To be specific, they contain 1 mg of pure nicotine, comparable to one regular strength cigarette. Making this product is no easy undertaking, they accurately following the highest pharmaceutical conditions in the US and Europe. You might not know, but Sweden has a long tradition in developing smoke-free nicotine products and nicotine replacement therapies – ever heard of Snus? 

However, until now there was no nicotine alternative that was truly natural and free from tobacco and chemicals. This very problem is what inspired Nicoccino to dedicate 10 years to researching and developing the most efficient way to deliver nicotine into the body without leaving a trace. 

Available in the UK, early adopter smokers can try out this entirely innovative nicotine solution – it might just change you life.

"An entirely innovative nicotine solution"
"An entirely innovative nicotine solution"


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