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Discover GuidoMaggi Luxury Elevator Shoes

You may already have elegant, well-made shoes in your wardrobe. Do those shoes offer you the one thing that nature didn't provide – tallness? Now, you can have the best of both worlds: superbly made footwear that will flatter your fashion sense and make you stand taller. 

That's the GuidoMaggi difference. Tall Is the New Black. That's the unspoken fashion theme these days. Whether it's dressing for work, play, vacation or a formal occasion, how tall you stand makes an indelible impression. Why not discover how handmade, luxury elevator shoes can increase your visibility, without calling attention to your "secret".

Founder and CEO Emanuele Briganti began this business out of a passion for fashion and a need for increasing his own height. After many disappointing experiences with mass-produced 'lift shoes', he created the GuidoMaggi brand.

"Crafted to deliver comfort"
"Crafted to deliver comfort"

Outstanding style and luxury leathers are the obvious benefits of wearing GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. The discreet, hidden benefit is 21st Century lift technology inside, built-in from the ground up. These are not regular shoes with 'shoe lifts' added as an afterthought. 

Every pair of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes has been designed and crafted to deliver comfort, increased stature, elegant fashion, and the attention to detail you want. For business dress and business casual, you'll find styles that will meld seamlessly with your most conservative suits, and fashionable "dress down" clothing. These shoes are the ones to wear when you want to move up in the World.

"Outstanding style and luxury leathers"
"Outstanding style and luxury leathers"

How about formal wear and bridegrooms? You can have the luxe look of calf black patent leather with a discreet lift to your height that is unrivaled. GuidoMaggi creates the finest footwear for the most formal occasions. Knocking around in a pair of GuidoMaggi sneakers will give you comfort and tallness that is unrivaled. Choose these when you want to have all-day fun, surefooted comfort and that increase in height you desire. 

Fashionista? There are styles, color accents and cutting edge looks that are ahead of the curve! Many are inspired by Fashion Week models that won't be available elsewhere for many weeks from other fashion houses. Since each pair of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes is handmade, there's no lag time in getting them to you, because there's no production line to set up (just 10 working days to complete the pair). This is where handcrafting can outperform mass production! Plus, you get the one thing those other shoes won't give you: discreet height enhancement.

"Tall Is the New Black"
"Tall Is the New Black"

GuidoMaggi has also created something no one else thought was possible: Loafers that increase your height. Available in suede and full grain Italian leather, you get solid comfort and lift from slip-ons that enhance your total look. 

For those that want to throw caution to the wind, 5 inch boots fill the bill! Unashamedly fashion-forward, these boots were designed and made for the man who wants to flaunt his stature, without sacrificing comfort. For a look at the full line of GuidoMaggi luxury shoes, go to

"Loafers that increase your height"
"Loafers that increase your height"


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