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How to Choose Your Winter Footwear

Winter shoes can be difficult to choose. Go for warmth and comfort, and they could end up being way to big and bulky. Then, a more streamlined, stylish choice can leave you freezing on that blustery winter day. Unlike summer sandals, winter shoes are usually much more expensive. You can’t get away with cheaply made shoes in snow like you can in sun and therefore, a bigger commitment to a pair of quality made shoes is necessary. When choosing your footwear for the winter season, keep in mind a few things...

Consider the material

Depending on the severity of the winter climate in your area, you may be able to get away with a variety of material choices. It is important to consider that your shoes will give a first impression, perhaps even before you open your mouth. So don’t go for shoes that look cheap, look for real leather. 

Leather shoes require care, but they can last you for a lifetime. Also, make sure that you have a basic pair that can go with most outfits and styles, such as something in black or a shade of brown. The latter can be a great choice as it doesn’t make the look too formal, but still maintains a classic vibe.

Socks also play a big role

If you live somewhere very cold, you may only want to buy shoes that work with big, thick socks. Thick socks are not always the answer, however. High quality socks from SmartWool are made with Merino Wool and are super thin. They keep you warm and dry as well as come in a bunch of colours and styles. So don’t forget to keep in mind your look when picking out socks. 

Choose contrasting sock styles to enhance your footwear. Look through what you already have. You may also have some shoes or boots left over from last season that are still wearable after a careful polish. If they are super worn out, get rid of them. If you love them, try to find a new pair from the same company. 

Keep an eye out for places to find discounts on shoes so that perhaps you can buy a few new, quality pairs. Also, look at overstock stores such as T.K. Maxx, sometimes they have really nice quality items at discounted rates.  Above is a quick infographic guide for choosing which winter shoes are right for you this 2014-15 winter season.

"Keep your look in mind when picking out socks"
"Keep your look in mind when picking out socks"

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