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Bremont Wright Flyer Watch

Bremont are not afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to their watch inventions, prime examples being their Codebreaker and HMS Victory pieces. It has become a tradition for the brand since 2010 and quite rightly, being one of the only luxury watch brands to put so much effort into their limited edition pieces. This year they made their limited edition unveiling extremely exciting by adding a countdown timer onto their main website. 

This had watch enthusiasts intrigued as to what they had come up with this time. The unveiling of the watch was not disappointing. The Bremont Wright Flyer Limited Edition watch was announced. 

'This piece, like the others, contains a true part of history'

The watch is, if you couldn’t guess by the name, greatly inspired by aviation. It is to commemorate the invention of the Wright Flyer by the Wright Brothers in 1903, Ohio. The invention was the first step for mankind taking to the skies which has since changed the world and become a main form of transportation. 

Each is engraved with a limited edition serial number
Each is engraved with a limited edition serial number

The piece features a new movement from Bremont, the BWC/01 that is reliable and well-made. The watch appears traditional to keep in-line with the 1990s theme and features an attractive open-case back: The watch is limited to 450 pieces overall: 50 with a white gold case, 100 with a rose gold case and 300 with a stainless steel case. 

Each watch is engraved with a limited edition serial number and the rotor features original muslin material that was used to cover the infamous Wright Flyer plane. Each piece also has an alligator strap with pin buckle that adds to the traditional appearance and the dial has a seconds sub-dial with the date ‘1903’ as a celebration of the year. 

So, what piece of history will be included in Bremont’s next timepiece? Only time will tell!

Wright Flyer, 1903
Wright Flyer, 1903


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