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Style Starts at the Skin

Simple effective grooming, you can't put a price on it gents. Whether you've bagged yourself a date with the office hottie, you're wanting to look good for a job interview, or you're simply demanding more from your skin's daily performance, allow us to light your pathway towards some of the most trusted grooming game changers around, guaranteed to make you look your best for any occasion. 

Follow these 5 steps we put to help you champion a look and fully prepare for a confidence surge, guaranteeing you lift off in the bathroom this autumn.

Step 1

Firstly, it's absolutely vital to get your cleansing regime just right and washing with a high quality men's face scrub will really get you off on the right foot. Spend a couple of minutes exfoliating in the shower each morning and your skin will feel and look instantly rejuvenated.

Get your cleansing regime just right
Get your cleansing regime just right

Step 2

After you've pat dried your face, it's time to carry on to step 2: A good quality eye cream can take you so far towards achieving a great look. A simple dab of eye cream onto this very delicate part of the skin will make them appear revitalised and refreshed, as well as protected against any environmental skin pollutants.

Step 3  

Next, it's time to get on board with a tinted moisturiser for men. These cosmetic products are essentially a moisturiser fit for most skin types, with the added benefit of inbuilt colour to make the skin appear bronzed and toned. It is with this colour gentlemen that you can tackle skin problems such as unevenness, fatigue and irritation, as well as enjoying a soft and supple finish. Again, apply just like a moisturiser and pay close attention to facial hair and avoid applying over the eyebrows.

A simple dab of eye cream
A simple dab of eye cream

Step 4 & 5

Finally, it's time for the two products that cap off your enhanced complexion in serious style. A concealer stick for men and their Under Eye Concealer combine to cover common facial imperfections such as spots, blemishes and scars in the first instance and dark circles, eye bags and fine lines in the second. 

The result? Your enhanced skin now appears imperfection free all day, whilst your eyes appear brighter and more youthful. Concealer for men is nice and easy to apply too, with just a simple dab and blend technique you can pick up nice and easily. 

'The one single problem men worry the most about when wearing cosmetics is the risk of them being noticeable'  

"Your enhanced skin now appears imperfection free"
"Your enhanced skin now appears imperfection free"

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