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The Mayfair London Hotel Review

From the moment King George VI first opened its doors in 1927, The May Fair Hotel quickly established itself as a sophisticated, luxury icon at the heart of London’s most stylish district. Nowadays, this 5 star treatment comes with an added dose of mischievous flair and contemporary cool. 

Perhaps it was the time of day we arrived but this hotel was very busy, giving off a genuine London (fast paced life) buzz. After all, the hotel does have over 400 rooms so it’s not surprising that you are going to bump into a few of your fellow residents here and there.

Away from the chaos is the calm of the room - styled in a simple and very minimalistic way, with an Asian twist. The bathroom was impressive and featured a hidden TV behind a silver plated mirror at the end of the bathtub.

"Styled in a simple and very minimalistic way"
"Styled in a simple and very minimalistic way"

The hotel offers a spa, restaurant, bars and even a 3D cinema. And if you need more then you are on the doorstep of some of the best locations to rub shoulders with Londons socialites in Mahiki and Nobu. 

May Fair Kitchen 

This restaurant was certainly the highlight of our stay (come on, its food right?). The premise of the menu is for the diner to choose which meat or fish they prefer, the accompanying vegetables or sides, and then the type of sauce to finish it off. Here, you become the chef and create a dish that is exactly to your taste. What’s even more impressive is the slab of crushed ice, set as a feature in the middle of the restaurant housing the selection of fresh meat and fish on offer. The shellfish are still alive so watch your fingers! You can also choose the exact lobster you think looks the tastiest. The staff were exceptionally knowledgeable and are happy to walk you through the menu choices.

"Certainly the highlight of our stay"
"Certainly the highlight of our stay"

May Fair Bar 

This bar really screams Mayfair – high end and classy, and definitely somewhere to impress friends even if you’re not staying at the hotel. It brings together a vibrant mix of great food, champagne and cocktails whilst the Cigar Room is a haven of live jazz and cigars in an intimate, bijou space. 

May Fair Spa 

The spa offers five treatment rooms, including a couple’s room. There is also a sauna, steam room and ice room, as well as a relaxation room and modern gym. Did you ever tick the massage preference box as 'Firm' and instantly regret it? This aside, the small yet powerful massage therapist lady certainly mended our 9am - 5pm office slumped backs for a good few months to come. She also offered some office-friendly shoulder and back exercises which can be done from your work chair.

Our The May Fair Hotel experience
Our The May Fair Hotel experience


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